Influenza Information


Annual vaccination is the most important measure to prevent seasonal influenza infection and is a critical step in preventing healthcare transmission of influenza from healthcare personnel (HCP) to patients and from patients to HCP. The 2013 - 2014 trivalent flu vaccine will protect against a H3N2 virus, a H1N1 virus and an influenza B virus.

Upstate's goal is to immunize 100% of our healthcare personnel and students.

Influenza vaccinations are offered free to current Upstate employees, students and volunteers. A valid Upstate identification badge is required. Vaccination at one of the numerous clinics beginning in October is encouraged. See the Employee/Student Health and Main Upstate calendars for dates and times. Influenza vaccinations are also offered at Employee/Student Health for those that cannot attend a clinic.

Influenza vaccinations are available at the Community Campus during scheduled clinics beginning in October and at Employee Health from 8:00am to 4:00pm throughout the flu season.

A limited supply of Thimerosal Free vaccines are available at each health office to those who are pregnant, breast feeding or allergic to thimerosal.

Individuals vaccinated elsewhere should provide documentation of influenza vaccination by submitting a completed Documentation of Influenza Vaccination form or documentation on the provider's prescription or statement with letterhead or stamp.

Ongoing updates on flu activity in New York and in CNY

The state Health Department provides weekly information on flu rates across the state and other flu-related information.

Onondaga County Health Department maintains a record of its reported flu cases.