Health Clearances

Health Requirements for Employment

The New York State Department of Health Code 405.3 mandates that certain requirements be met before employment begins and annually thereafter.

Medical history and physical exam

  • All potential employees will be scheduled with the Employee Health Office for a physical exam and medical history review prior to employment.
  • Incoming residents and volunteers have the option of having their health provider perform the exam (at their expense) to be submitted for review by the Medical Director.
  • Non-employees affiliated with contracted agencies ( ie. travel nurses), or assigned clinical staff may be required to have a physical performed at Employee Health.
  • Affiliating staff and/or temporary personnel will also be required to submit health information. The requirements will be determined by duration of assignment and clinical involvement.

Evidence of Immunity

The presence of protective antibodies are detected with blood testing. If adequate immunization is evident, the antibody titer will be positive. This reflects immunity, and compliance with the New York State Health Code. The results of prior testing may be submitted. Antibody titers are required for:

  • Rubella titer (German measles) - Required of everyone.
  • Rubeola titer (Red measles, Hard measles) - Required of everyone. Exception: If born before January 1,1957, titer is not required
  • Varicella titer (Chicken Pox) Exception: Proof of two doses of varicella vaccine.
  • Mumps antibody titer required for Residents and Students only.

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

All employees and affiliates must be screened for active tuberculosis and determined to be disease free.

  • TB screening will be done by placement of a tuberculin skin test (PPD) administered and read at the Health Office.
  • A second TB test will also be required to comply with a “two-step” testing, unless the candidate can provide previous documentation of testing within the last year unless the candidate is determined to be previously tuberculin skin test positive. The skin test must be placed and read at the Health Office. A second tuberculin skin test is placed in two weeks (two-step testing) unless the candidate can provide documentation of a previous tuberculin skin test within one year. A chest x-ray within 12 months of beginning employment is required for all candidates with a prior positive skin test.

Annual Health Assessment

The NYS Department of Health Code (405.3) requires reassessment of the health status of all personnel as frequently as necessary, but no less than annually, to ensure that personnel are free from health impairments which pose potential risk to patients or personnel or which may interfere with the performance of duties. This requires completion of the Annual Health Assessment form, annual screening for tuberculosis, and update of immunizations, when necessary. Routine health maintenance (in the form of a self-report questionnaire) is also addressed.

Health Clearance to Begin Employment

The Medical Director will review all pre-employment medical documentation. Clearance to begin employment will then be determined. Clearance is granted if there is no health impairment that would pose a potential risk to patients or personnel, all essential functions of the position can be fulfilled, and all NYS Health Code (405.3) requirements have been met.