Wellness Walkers

A group  meets in the hospital lobby of the circle driveway of UH at 12 noon. A list, maps and distance of indoor and outdoor walks are listed on this website under the topic "trails".   To get on an email notifcation of walking events email

Monday Mile

The Monday Mile is a fun way to get in your daily exercise, it easily works into your schedule and helps to jump start your week. The weekly exercise recommendation is 150 minutes per week, that's just 30 min a day. So grab a buddy and get yours in with friends and co-workers. For more information visit External Icon or view the Wellness calendar for specific event details.
Monday Mile Passport - the Monday Mile Passport is a challenge to walk 13 miles or, 13 of the 15 Monday Mile trails here in the Syracuse Area. You can pick up a copy of the passport at any walking event or by contacting Suzanne Brisk at 4-4565. Track your miles on the passport and when you have completed 13 miles, send your passport to Suzanne Brisk, 205 Jacobsen Hall and receive your Monday Mile Sneaker pin.
Healthy Salad Bowl Luncheon table

Healthy Salad Bowl Luncheon

A "Healthy Salad Bowl Luncheon" is an easy way to organize a luncheon for a small or large group of people. Employees who want to participate are encouraged to bring an ingredient for a salad bar. Scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, these are great ways to skip the fast foot lunch and have a healthy inexpensive lunch with co-workers. Here is a guide to planning your own Healthy Salad Bowl Luncheon PDF Icon .

Smoking Cessation

for Employees, Contractors, Students, Residents, Volunteers and Staff

Upstate Medical University is a Tobacco Free Campus. Employees, Students and Volunteers can get support to quit smoking. Contact Carolyn Walczak for both  Downtown campus and Community Campus at 464-3519.  Theresa provides coaching and 8 weeks supply of gum/lozenges or patches to support you as you quit. For more information visit the Smoking Cessation Program.

Take the Stairs
Notice these signs near elevators in the hospital as reminders to take the stairs!

Take the Stairs

This program encourages everyone to get more activity into their day. Inactivity increases health risks. Taking the stairs is a great way to build more activity into your busy day.

Tennis Ball Massage

Tennis Ball

For neck, back and shoulders:

  • Take tennis ball in hand or in a tube sock if you have limited range of motion.
  • Stand with back close to wall.
  • Place ball behind back and lean into wall with back.
  • Place ball at lower back/spine or upper shoulder/neck area.
  • Gently move side to side or bend knees and go up and down.
  • Keep ball between you and the wall as you move.

Foot Massage:

  • Sit down or hold on to wall or chair for balance support.
  • Place ball under foot arch.
  • Move ball from arch to ball of foot and back, then move side to side.
Relax! Feels great!

Take the ball with you to use during a break or at home!


Tranquility Tuesday External Icon

Want more options?

NIH External Icon
The Mayo Clinic External Icon

Crossing the Bridge to Health by Penny H. Baron, PHD is available for take out at the Upstate Medical Library. It is a creative and symbolic Journey with Guided imagery and experiences to enhance your health and well-being. Available as a book or CD.