Electron Microscopy reconstruction of the yeast vacuolar ATPase. Ribbon models for individual protein subunits have been fit to the electron density.

From the lab of Stephan Wilkens, PhD.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Staff

Senior Research Scientist

Jeung-Hoi (Jenny) Ha, PhD - Loh Lab - haj@upstate.edu
Brian Haarer, PhD - Amberg Lab - haarerb@upstate.edu
Yakov Milgrom, PhD - milgromy@upstate.edu

Research Scientist

Xiaowen Wang - Chen Lab - wangx@upstate.edu

Lab Technician

Wayne Decatur - Schmitt Lab - decaturw@upstate.edu
Charlotte Logan - Feng Lab - loganc@upstate.edu
Tiffany Nelson, PhD - Bah Lab - nelsonti@upstate.edu
Anne Smardon, PhD - Cosgrove Lab - smardona@upstate.edu
Maureen Tarsio - Kane Lab - tarsiom@upstate.edu

Office Staff

Penny McPhilmy - Senior Staff Assistant - mcphilmp@upstate.edu
Sandra Jarvis - Senior Administrative Assistant - jarviss@upstate.edu