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Calendar Admin Help

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Today is:
Thu, Oct 8, 2015

Overview and Uses

The online Calendar was designed to promote and organize events, deadlines and happenings, in, around, and of interest to the Upstate community. Including:

  • Lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and departmental presentations
  • Grand Rounds
  • Fundraisers, outreach and educational opportunities
  • Schedules and deadlines

It's important to take advantage of the Upstate Calendar for your events. The calendar can be viewed by the campus as well as outside communities, and it is the one place to find out what's going on at Upstate.

Viewing the Calendar

Main Calendar and Sub Calendars

  • This calendar system is composed of a main calendar ("Upstate Calendar") and a number of sub calendars.
  • Each calendar has its own administrators, categories, and sponsors.
  • The name of the main calendar, or the name of one of the sub calendars, is always visible at the top left of the page, just under the Academics tab.


  • All calendars have one or more categories.
  • The default calendar view will display all categories.
  • The ‘View by Category’ option allows the user to limit their view to one or more specific categories or to display all categories.
  • A prominent red message is displayed on top of the calendar whenever you are viewing one or more specific categories and not all categories.

Left Menu Options

Other Calendars
Displays a list of available calendars and the administrator for each calendar. Select the name of the calendar to view that calendar.

View by Category
Displays a list of categories for the calendar you are currently viewing. Check those that you want to view. A red bar will now be displayed at the top of the calendar to show you are viewing sub-catagories and not the whole calendar.

Subscribe & download
Choosing Subscribe and Download from within the calendar you are looking at will bring up a list consisting of the sub calendar's categories each with 3 options to ‘subscribe’, ‘download’, or ‘RSS’.

  • “Subscribe” launches a webcal://... link which, on a Mac with iCal, opens iCal and asks the user if they want to “subscribe”. After subscribing and thereafter, whenever iCal is opened, iCal will fetch any new events associated with the calendar and category the user subscribed to. This function does not work with Groupwise.
  • “Download” downloads a static (will not be updated automatically) file, which can be imported into an iCalendar-enabled application. The file contains the current list of events for the chosen category.
  • “RSS” creates a url that can be used for placing an RSS feed from the calendar to your department homepage or other page. For example, the news items that appear on the Upstate homepage are an RSS feed from the main Upstate Calendar.

Special Events (visible on the Main calendar only)
This is a listing of the special banner events that are currently in rotation on our home page.

Academic Calendars (visible on the Main calendar only)
This is a page containing our academic calendars in PDF format.

Main Calendar (visible on sub calendars only)
Links back to the Main Calendar.

<Sub Calendar Name> Website (visible on sub calendars only)
Links to the home page of the department or program associated with the calendar. Useful as a return link when linking to your sub calendar from your department website.

Oasis Class Schedule (Icon) (visible on the Main calendar only)
Links to an offsite calendar for Oasis.

Calendar Admin Help
Links to this page.

Calendar Management

Administrator Role

  • Each calendar is assigned an administrator when a new sub calendar is created.
  • Administrators can publish and approve events only for the specific calendar they are assigned.
  • Administrators can add, edit and remove all events posted to the calendar they are assigned.
  • Only an administrator can publish events for public viewing.
  • Administrators can assign sponsors to the calendar they control (see Sponsors below). Sponsor names are limited to a user with a valid Upstate email address.

Sponsor Role

  • Sponsors can submit events to any calendar to which they have been added as a sponsor, but all events must be approved by the calendar administrator before the event is available for live viewing.
  • Sponsors can only access their own events for editing or deletion.
  • Sponsors' edits need to be re-approved by the calendar administrator before changes become live.
  • Sponsor's deletions are immediate and final, however, deletions require final verification before actual removal.


Location and Passwords
  • You can only login and update pages from our intranet and physical locations within our intranet. The ‘Update’ tab is not visible off-campus.
  • Administrators and Sponsors can login only to the specific calendar(s) they are assigned.
  • Logins are based on your MyAccounts identity. Password assistance is available through the Help Desk x44115.
Logging In
  • To login to a calendar, you must first click "Other Calendars" in the left menu, now choose the calendar you want to edit from the list.
  • Choose the "Update" tab in the upper right.
  • Then you can log in using your Novell username and password. See information on passwords above.

Adding/Editing Events

Month View
View of icons in Month view
  • After successfully logging in, you will see the options available to you depending on your role.
  • You may also use the grey tabs to view your calendar by the Day, Week, or Month. In these views, you will see the following icons and options for each day.
    1. Add an event Add an event to this date.
    2. Edit this event Edit this event.
    3. Copy this event for editing. Copy this event. (opens event detail view and allows posting to a second/new date.)
    4. Delete this event Delete this event (opens event detail view - requires verification before actual removal).
Add Event Form
  • To submit the event to the main calendar (Upstate Calendar), check the checkbox at the top of the form labeled "Submit this event to the Main Upstate Calendar". You must also select an available main calendar category. If you do not want your event on the main Upstate calendar, leave the box unchecked, and the event will only post to your sub-calendar.
  • Enter your information into the remaining fields in the form. Note that the top 4 fields (Date, Time, Category and Title) are required (red stars).
Add Event FormEvent Form Example
Some helpful hints for filling out the form fields:
  • Title: In some listings, users will only see the date and title until they view more details. Your title should be meaningful to the general public and as descriptive as possible. Keep it short and simple. Sometimes adding words like 'presentation' or 'exercise class' will help clarify what type of event you are posting.
  • Event Page Web Address: Is shown when a user views the event details, linked from ‘More Information’, immediately after the ‘Description’ text.
  • Sponsor: Choosing a sponsor on the popup form auto-populates the next 2 fields for sponsor name and web address.
  • Sponsor Web Address: Is linked through the displayed sponsor name, to the right of Sponsor in the event detail view.

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