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Vitality Arthritis Fitness

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Balance, range of motion and increased stamina are the focus of Vitality! participants with Arthritis. Exercise plans are individually developed by professional staff based on the participant's needs, limitations, and goals.

Traditionally, exercise for people with arthritis has been limited to rehabilitation services that occur after medical or surgical intervention. Many physicians encourage their patients to initiate physical activity programs but their time is limited for explanation and supervision of such activity.

Therefore, patients are left with three options: exercising independently, joining a fitness club, or ignoring the advice. Independent exercise is a suitable option for some but most need guidelines and support to feel comfortable with such a lifestyle change. In addition, weather conditions in Central New York make year-round outside activity difficult.

Joining a fitness facility is another option that is available. However, there are limited resources available for those with special needs and the exercise program is usually not individualized. And, of course, an individual trainer can be expensive—putting this option out of the range of many people.

Ignoring the advice to exercise can lead to further inactivity and decreased fitness and increased disability.

Research has demonstrated that a customized exercise program can reduce joint pain, increase the range of motion and strength, improve gait, and facilitate the performance of daily activities in people with osteoarthritis and related diseases. Recent research suggests that an exercise program may be as effective in decreasing joint pain as treatment with anti-inflammatory medications.

Individually Designed

The Vitality exercise programs are developed by professional staff based on the participant’s needs, limitations, and goals, following the medical director’s general recommendations and best practice. Trained and certified staff supervise the participants and provide individual assistance as needed. In addition, the staff is knowledgeable in modifying a participant’s exercise program based on orthopedic, neuromuscular, or chronic disease conditions and the recommendation of the individual physician.