Conference Responsibility

Conference Objectives: Basic Information Presented in Didactic Sessions

All conferences, including speaker notification, substance and organization is the responsibility of the Chief Resident. The Chief Resident however may delegate this responsibility to appropriate residents as long as he continues to be responsible for the overall content.

  1. Grand Rounds

    Wednesday 8:00–9:00 am (Except last Wednesday)
    Case presentations 7:00–8:00 am

    Each conference must consist of two cases in the particular subspecialty assigned for that week. The residents are responsible for communicating with the particular physicians who may be involved in the cases, for example pediatric cases need to be reviewed by pediatric urologists, cancer cases by the urology oncologist. If pathology, radiology or medical oncologist support is needed the residents are responsible to make sure that the particular specialists are informed of the conference, the particular case and the substance. At the conclusion of the conference the diagnosis of the cases have to be turned in to Mrs. Doane so that a weekly list of the diagnoses discussed can be maintained.

  2. Research Conference

    Research Conference held every 1st Friday 7-8 am

    This conference is NOT the responsibility of the residents except that they need to be in contact with the research staff, Dr. Mollapour or Dr. Kotula, to remind them of the upcoming conference date.

  3. Pathology Conference

    4th Wednesday/month 7:00–8:00 am

    Pathology conference is held by Dr. Landas. It is the responsibility of the residents to be in touch with Dr. Landas to remind him of the upcoming presentation and to find out in advance the topic and distribute this to the residents.

  4. Mortality and Morbidity Conference

    Last Tuesday/month 7:00–8:00 am

    The Chief Resident is responsible for compiling the list of the cases to be presented. All services including University Hospital, VA Hospital has to present and cases have to be identified. Physicians involved in these cases need to be notified. If consultants such as pathology, radiology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, etc presence is required, the Chief Resident is responsible for arranging this. A summary of all cases presented including medical record number for identification of the case has to be turned in to the program coordinator at the conclusion of the conference.

  5. Journal Club

    Once a month, Wednesday evening 6:30 pm

    The Chief Resident is responsible for the conduct of this meeting and the distribution of the articles to the various Residents. Journal Club is held on a Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm.

  6. Radiology Conference

    2nd and 4th Thursdays 4:30–5:30 pm

    The Residents are responsible for the arrangement of these conferences. Generally it is the University Hospital Resident who is required to obtain 3ndash;4 cases, pull the x-rays and turn this into the radiologist who is coming to the conference by the Monday preceding the conference.

  7. OB/GYN Conference

    1st Thursday 4:30–5:30 pm