Office of the Chief
Chief D. Paul Waltz 464-4134
University Police Command Staff
Captain Tracy Collins 464-4370
Lt. Paul Daugherty 464-4371

Lt. Nicholas Newcomb
Lt. Earl Van Antwerp
Lt. John Stefanko


T/Sgt. Franklin Persons
T/Sgt. Michael Jorgensen

Public Safety Lieutenants
Donald Gray 464-6494
Heather Echols 464-4154
Mark Stafford 464-4373
Christopher Goodale 464-6494
Local Law Enforcement (Non-Emergency)
Syracuse Police 442-5111
Onondaga Sheriff 435-2111
FBI 422-0141
VA Police 425-4336
SU Public Safety 443-2224
SUNY-ESF Police 470-6667
Crouse Security 470-7826


Safety Videos Restricted Access

Annual Security Report PDF document