Meet the Staff

Office of the Chief

  • Chief of Police
    D. Paul Waltz Jr.
  • Deputy Chief of Police
  • Administrative Assistant to the Chief
    Candace Ray
  • Public Informaion Officer - Computer/Media Specialist
    Public Safety Lt. Christopher Goodale


Administrative Division

  • Lt. Tracy Collins - Commander
  • Karen Stunzi - Staff Assistant

  • William "Tony" Shea - Staff Assistant
  • Public Safety Lt. Mark Stafford

Investigations Division

  • Lt. Paul Daugherty - Commander



Technical Service Division

  • T/Sgt. Franklin Persons
  • Sandra Peyer - Staff Assistant
  • Public Safety Lt. Donald Gray
  • Public Safety Sgt. Matthew Portnoy






Policing Division

  • Lt. Nicholas Newcomb - Commander
  • Police Officer Amanda Mercier
  • Police Officer Erika Stone
  • Police Officer Brian Burch
  • Police Officer Jonathan Christian
  • Police Officer David Cohen
  • Police Officer David Giocondo
  • Police Officer Michael Jorgensen
  • Police Officer Joseph Nappo
  • Police Officer John Stefanko
  • Police Officer Earl VanAntwerp
  • Recruit Shane Dobies
  • Recruit Michael Giallanza


Public Safety Supervisory Staff

  • Public Safety Lt. Heather Echols
  • Public Safety Sgt. Frank Barrett
  • Public Safety Sgt. Brian Burnett
  • Public Safety Sgt. Peter Haske
  • Public Safety Sgt. Ricardo McKnight
  • Public Safety Sgt. Juan Mendez
  • Public Safety Sgt. Adem Osmanovic
  • Public Safety Sgt. Richard Williams
  • Public Safety Sgt. Patrick Williamson
  • Public Safety Sgt. Glenn Young


Safety Videos Restricted Access

Annual Security Report PDF document