Nurse Triage

Upstate Nurse Triage
Jacobsen Hall
1st Floor, 175 Elizabeth Blackwell Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
Map & directions
Phone: 800 464-8668
Name: Joey Angelina, Nurse Manager

Upstate Triage and Transfer Center Nurses provide many services to the community  and are highly trained RNs with extensive triage experience that offer the following:

  • Physician-approved, evidence-based guidelines, approved by the AAP and AAFP
  • Immediate care and consultation with patients, with direction to appropriate medical staff
  • Delivery of reliable triage services for the pediatric and adult medicine medical community. Our triage services are now available to practices, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare providers across NY State.  Physicians know their patients/caregivers receive the highest standard of timely triage from our experienced RNs.

Another service the Upstate Triage and Transfer Center Nurses provide is the Upstate Connect line. The Upstate Connect line (formerly Health Connections) is a 24 hour phone number that the public can call for health information or advice about health issues. This is a free, confidential line that the public can access any day, any time. We will triage an injury or an illness for someone that does not have a primary care physician. We will help a patient find a primary care physician if they need one. We will provide literature for someone that is requesting information on a health issue.

The Upstate Triage and Transfer Center Nurses make follow up calls for the Cipher Health surveys that patients receive after discharge. If a patient indicates that they have a question about their discharge instructions or medications, the system indicates that this patient needs a call back from a nurse. A nurse call the patient back after the survey has been completed to help answer any questions, put them in contact with their physician or address any needs they may have now that they are discharged from our facility.

Lastly, the Upstate Triage and Transfer Center Nurses make outbound survey calls to patients that have had specific procedures at Upstate University Medical Center.  Questions about pre-op, the procedure and post –op are asked to ensure that we are providing the best service possible to our patients. Pain management and general knowledge questions about what was going to happen that day are also addressed in the survey.

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