Meet the Staff - Upstate Triage and Transfer Center

The diverse background of the staff ensures that the Upstate Connect Nurses have the ability to offer a comprehensive phone triage service. The nationally approved computer algorithms and the medical direction complete this impressive department.

Dennis Bullard: 23 years nursing experience in both acute and long-term care for adults and pediatrics. National certifications as a Case Manager (CCM) and a Telephonic Nurse Triage.

Gail Buswell: 35 years nursing experience in medical- surgical nursing, coronary care, maternity, psych, neurosurgery, home healthcare and correctional facility nursing.

Patty Bowen: 23 years nursing experience in medical-surgical nursing, homecare, case management and community nursing.

Sabina Croft: 22 years of nursing experience in critical care and telephone triage.

Penny Lincoln: 20 years nursing experience in medical-surgical nursing, home care, case management and telephone triage.

Cheryl Stapleton: 22 years nursing experience in urgent care, patient triage and telephone triage.

Barb Webster: 30 years nursing experience in obstetrics, neonatal ICU, urgent care.