Welcome to the Upstate Triage and Transfer Center

The Upstate Triage and Transfer Center Nurses wear many hats during a shift at work. We know that the services that we provide are important in upholding the mission and core values of the hospital. As the newest members of the Nursing Department at Upstate, we look forward to the growth and development of our department.

As of July 1, 2013, the Upstate Triage and Transfer Center Nurses fall under the Nursing Department at Upstate University Medical Center. The center is under new leadership since March of 2013. The nurse manager for the department is Joey M. Angelina, BSN, RN. Joey previously worked as an operating room nurse at Upstate Medical Center and a supervisor at a 911 center. The director of the department is T. Michele Caliva, RN, BS, CSPI.  Michele is also the administrative director for the Upstate Poison Center. The department consists of 15 nurses and our medical director is Dr. Deborah Mann.

Dr. Mann is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, with research interests in injury prevention and designer drug use. Dr. Mann is affiliated with Women’s Health Network and Geriatric Care and treats both adults and children in emergency services.

Nurse Manager

Joey Angelina, BSN
Nurse Manager

Our nurses come with many years of diverse experience. We are located on the first floor of Jacobsen Hall. The Upstate Triage and Transfer Center Nurses shares this location with The Upstate Poison Center. This one location houses the Toxicology, Triage and Transfer Center for the facility. 

Visit the Triage Nurses web page to learn more.