Travel Policy

NY State Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy Summary


  • Use our contract travel agency.
  • Supersaver with Saturday night stayover must have cost savings documented in a memorandum and be approved by the Office of Finance and Management.
  • Travel by air when distance is less than 200 miles requires approval by the President or his designee
  • State employees with state issued credit cards must use these cards to pay for airfare. These employees must purchase the airfare tickets from BTI Travel Consultants only. BTI will contact the Travel Office for a control number.
  • State employees that do not have a state issued travel credit card must use their own personal credits. However, the airfare tickets must be purchased through BTI Travel Consultants only to be eligible for reimbursement. Once you have purchased your airfare ticket from BTI you may be reimbursed for that immediately.
  • Research Foundation employees traveling under state funds will be contacted by the Travel Department once the Travel Office receives the approved Travel Authorization.
  • The above policy must be followed when purchasing airline tickets.  In a case when airfare is not able to be purchased through BTI Travel, an advance justification memo must be signed by the department head.  Airline tickets purcahsed through Priceline will not be accepted.

Car Rental

  • When using a rental car, it should be rented from the authorized contract car rental agency. Enterprise should be used for all rentals (within and outside NYS.) When making a reservation the user should quote corporate code "NA24NYS" to ensure contract rates are reserved. Use of other than contract car rental agency must be justified.
  • You can reserve your car with Enterprise.External Icon
  • Loss Damage Waiver insurance (LDW or CDW) must be purchased (and will be reimbursed) to ensure proper coverage and liability. No other insurance is required nor will be reimbursed.
  • Justification required for all car rentals
  • Rent in the name of New York State and sign the agreement as agent for the State. Use the NYS Tax Exempt CertificatePDF Icon when renting within NYS.
  • When using Enterprise Rent-A-Car, inform the agent of our Customer Number 29B5384.
  • State Travel Credit Card holders must us these cars to rent a vehicle through Enterprise ONLY. State Employees that are not state travel card holders must us their personal credit cards to rent the vehicle through Enterprise ONLY.
  • Research Foundation employees when traveling under state funds will need to use their own personal credit cards to rent a vehicle from Enterprise ONLY


  • When attending a conference/seminar, the agenda or brochure is required


  • Lodging reimbursement is for room and tax only outside of New York State. If within New York State traveler must provide hotel with a state tax exempt form. If tax is charged on an individual's state issued travel card it will be the responsibility of the card holder to obtain a credit for the tax.
  • Hotel accommodations for state employees can be booked through BTI Travel Consultants and charged to the individual state credit cards. If you are a state employee and do not have a state issued credit card you must charge this to your personal credit card.
  • Research Foundation employees traveling under state funds should contact the Travel Office.
  • Maximum lodging reimbursement depends on the area of assignment and is based on the current federal per diem rate schedule.
  • If lodging rate exceeds the maximum per diem, approval must be obtained from the finance office.
  • Reimbursement for personal telephone calls, pay TV or movies, laundry, entertainment, and expenses to and from meals is not allowed.
  • All conferences, seminars or training programs sponsored by NYS should be within established per diem rates.
  • Effective in 1999 the maximum lodging rates do not include the tax.
  • NYS taxes are not reimbursable. See Frequently Used Forms for Tax Exempt Certificates.
  • AirBnB will not be reimbursed to employees using state funds. 


  • Reimbursement based on the federal per diem allowance for area of assignment.
  • Eligible for breakfast on day of departure if departure is before 7AM.
  • Eligible for dinner on day of return if return occurs after 7PM.
  • Lunch is not a reimbursable expense.
  • If meals are included in conference fee, the meal allowance must be reduced.


  • Mileage reimbursement is based on the current IRS rate.


  • Original receipts are required.
  • If receipts are not obtained for expenses under $75.00, such as parking, tolls, taxis and local bus or subway or train fares, a letter itemizing such expenses may be submitted with the travel voucher.


  • Actual, reasonable, and necessary expenses for business purposes will be reimbursed.

Phone Calls

  • Business phone calls and fax charges will be reimbursed with a memo justifying the expense. No personal calls will be reimbursed.

Changes in State Travel Policy

The Office of The State Comptroller, in seeking to streamline the State's travel rules, has advised the State agencies of changes to their travel reimbursement policies. Effective immediately the following revisions are in effect.

Eliminating cost ceilings for travel to and from transportation terminals

  • Actual, reasonable, and necessary costs for travel between the employee's home and a transportation terminal will be reimbursed. All previous limits are eliminated.

Increasing unreceipted meal allowance for non-overnight travel

  • The unreceipted meal allowance is now $5.00 for breakfast and $12.00 for dinner with no differential for upstate and downstate locations. The employee's option to claim reimbursement for actual receipted expenses up to the maximum per diem meal allowances remains in effect.