About Team Upstate

Mission, Vision & Values:

  1. The mission of Upstate University Hospital is to improve the health of the communities we serve through education, biomedical research, and health care.
  2. The vision for Upstate University Hospital is to be the leading regional academic medical center in the nation. SUNY Upstate will be:
    • A catalyst in the delivery of patient-centered health care that addresses our region's most pressing concerns.
    • A highly regarded resource for the education of health professionals, especially in shortage areas.
    • A global resource for research that improves understanding of health and disease.
    • A place to work that recognizes excellence.
  3. Our mission is achieved through our shared values.

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In June 2003, a group of employees determined that Upstate should form a volunteer council to help promote public awareness of our contributions to the community. The Council for Employee Volunteerism (CEV) was born!

In October of 2004, a survey was mailed to 5,600 SUNY Upstate employees to gather information on their volunteer habits and interests. The 567 surveys returned provided the council with information regarding number of hours employees volunteered in their communities (over 50,000 hours!), the agencies and organizations they supported, and their interest in learning more about volunteer opportunities. View the 2004 Survey Results

In 2007, the CEV's name was changed to Team Upstate to better reflect the fact that students, as well as employees, are actively involved in community service throughout the year.

Today, Team Upstate serves as a hub for participation in events and causes that benefit our community and to show pride in our own institution.