Emotional and Survivor Support

We recognize that breast cancer can have a physical and emotional impact. We have a psychologist on staff who focuses on helping patients cope with the stress and realities of having breast cancer, and explores these effects on emotional health and well-being.

woman stretching

In addition, we have nurse practitioners who mentor a support group called Life After Breast Cancer: A Journey Toward Wellness PDF Icon. This nine-week program explores:

  • Complementary therapies
  • Personal growth
  • Getting in touch with inner resources
  • Inspiration from personal sharing with other survivors

The changes a woman experiences during and after her diagnosis and treatment will change her life forever. Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual recovery may take months, or even longer. The Breast Care Center and the Multi-Disciplinary Breast Cancer Program physicians, nurse practitioners, and staff are here to assist you in all aspects, from diagnosis and treatment through follow-up and survivorship.

Support Resource

American Cancer Society
Website: www.cancer.org External Icon
Phone: 800 227-2345