Junior Resident (PGY-2, 3)

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The junior resident is the resident liaison between the upper level residents and the interns/medical students.


The PGY-2 year constitutes the second half of a "core" program which prepares the resident to continue in General Surgery or to enter one of the surgical specialties.

During the second and third year, residents are responsible for overseeing daily care of floor patients and patients in the SICU. When designated as the consult resident, they are responsible for evaluating patients in the ER, on the wards, and in the ICU, then discussing clinical details with the chief resident and/or the attending staff.

The end of the PGY-2 year would be the appropriate time for a resident interested in completing research to take time out for this purpose.

PGY-2 Rotation Breakdown for 2014/15 (slight variations between residents)
Rotation Length
VA Hospital* 0-2 Month
Surgical Oncology I 0-1 Month
Crouse Hospital* 1-2 Month
SICU 1-2 Months
Consults (nights) 2 Months
Consults (day) 2 Months
Vascular 0-1 Month
Endoscopy 1 Month
Community General Hospital 1-3 Months


During the third year the resident assumes a progressively increasing amount of responsibility. This includes taking the role of chief resident on the pediatric surgery and trauma services.

PGY-3 Rotation Breakdown for 2014/15
Rotation Length
Surgical Oncology II 2 months
VA Hospital* 2 Months
Crouse Hospital* 2 Months
Trauma (day chief) 2 Months
Pediatric Surgery 2 Months
Night Float 2 Months

* Go to Program Overview (Affiliated Hospitals) to see what services are covered