Teaching Faculty

The general surgery faculty for this program includes full-time SUNY Upstate Medical University/University Hospital faculty members, the Syracuse Veterans Administration Medical Center surgical staff and a variety of community surgeons who have made a commitment to the educational standards of the program. These surgeons have been carefully selected and we continue to recruit extraordinary physicians to provide the residents with an excellent clinical and exceptional surgical educational experience.

On every service to which general surgery house staff are assigned, one or more attending surgeons is/are always immediately available in-house or by telephone to provide supervision, guidance and education. Each member of the faculty is periodically evaluated by the residents and by the program director in our constant efforts to maintain the quality of the program. Besides the full-time SUNY staff, the general surgery teaching panel may consist of 30 - 35 community surgeons at any one time.

The faculty and, in particular, the Leadership and the Governance Committee of the General Surgery Residency Program are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals in the demanding, exciting, sobering and exhilarating career called Surgery.