Select Users and Projects

  1. Dr. Frank Middleton, Dept. Neuroscience & Physiology is carrying out research on the molecular and neurodevelopmental basis of neurological and psychiatric disorders (primarily schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease), and the effects of pre and postnatal ethanol exposure and diet manipulations on gene expression in the brain and peripheral tissues.  This work involves both gene expression and genotyping experiments.
  2. Dr. Ed Shillitoe, Chairman, Dept. Molecular Biology and Immunology, has led the development of an oral cancer cDNA array.  His interests include tumor and cancer biology, as well as viral infections.  He and Dr. Sandra Hudson are presently examining the expression response patterns of different oral cancer cell lines to anti-cancer agents.
  3. Drs. Peter Holohan and Daria LaRocca, are examining the metabolic pathways affected by mutations in drug metabolizing enzymes.
  4. Dr. Richard Davis, Dept. Pathology, is examining gene expression profiles in different brain regions in a well-characterized disorder – Familial Encephalopathy with Neuroserpin Inclusion Bodies (FENIB), and also in Parkinson’s disease.
  5. Dr. Michael Miller, Chairman, Dept. Neuroscience & Physiology, is examining the effects of ethanol and growth factor exposure on gene expression in primary neuronal cultures and cell lines.
  6. Dr. May Lou Vallano and Edward Monaco, Dept. Pharmacology, and Dr. C.J. Bui, Dept. Neurosurgery, are examining the effects of cdk5 and c Jun pathway inhibitors on apoptosis and gene expression patterns in rodent primary cerebellar granule cell cultures.
  7. Dr. Michael Meguid, Dept. Surgery, is examining the effects of prenatal and postnatal dietary influences on gene expression in different subnuclei of the hypothalamus, as well as subcutaneous fat tissues, and also looking at the molecular effects of gastric bypass surgery, in a comprehensive effort to understand the biochemical pathways that lead to diet induced obesity or help subjects overcome it.
  8. Dr. Andras Perl, Dept. Molecular Biology and Immunology, have been examining gene expression profiles in different cell types cultured from subjects with inherited enzyme deficiencies.
  9. Dr. Timothy Damron, Dept. Orthopedic Surgery, are investigating the effects of radiation on molecular profiles of bone proliferative zones.
  10. Dr. James McCasland, Dept. Cell and Developmental Biology, are examining the patterns of differential gene expression in rodent barrel cortex.
  11. Drs. Carlos and Michele Pato, Center for Psychiatric and Molecular Genetics and the Dept. Psychiatry, are investigating the differential gene expression and gene sequence patterns in individuals from the Azorean islands that are affected by schizophrenia.
  12. Dr. Steven Youngentob, Dept. Neuroscience and Physiology, is examining the effects of prenatal ethanol exposure on the mature olfactory system.
  13. Dr. Eileen Friedman, Dept. Pathology, have examined changes in gene expression of cultured mouse cells treated with siRNA
  14. Dr. Jennifer Moffat, Dept. Microbiology & Immunology, is examining cultured human cancer cell responsiveness to different agents.
  15. Dr. David Cameron, Dept. Neuroscience & Physiology, has examined patterns of expression change in regenerating zebafish retina.
  16. Dr. Anthony Shrimpton, Dept. Pathology, has examined patterns of genetic linkage abnormalities in families with congenital vertical talus.

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