Designated Stroke Center: A Life-Saving Difference

The difference between Upstate's Stroke Center and others can be life-saving

Specialized stroke centers are found to decrease mortality and improve outcomes for stroke. Only Upstate, the region's most comprehensive stroke center, offers these services and treatments.

  • Specialized Neuroscience floor, Neuroscience step-down, and Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit
  • Catheter based therapy for those who don't respond to clot buster medication within 3 hours
  • Special catheter therapy that extends the window of treatment to the first 8 hours of stroke symptoms
  • 24/7 board certified stroke neurologists
  • 24/7 onsite neurosurgery
  • 24/7 specialists in neurointerventional radiology
  • 24/7 neurocritical care specialists
  • 24/7 board certified emergency physicians
  • Specialized neuroscience nurses
  • Telemedicine capabilities to treat stroke patients in rural hospitals

Minimally Invasive Solitaire Stent Procedure

No other stroke center in Central New York can retrieve clots from the arteries in the brain and get life-saving blood flowing again. This means that patients treated with this minimally invasive procedure are far more likely to recover from their stroke with much better outcomes than if they had been treated traditionally.