Application Preparation

Effective July 1, 2014

The Office for Sponsored Programs has changed the internal required College Face Sheet paper process to an electronic form located on Upstate's Self Serve.  This requirement has fully replaced the paper process and will be required to be submitted/signed off on completely before a grant will be submitted.  After logging into your self seve click on Applications - Grant Requests.  Contact April Bridges with questions or if you can not find the form. 

Application Preparation

The pre-award staff recommends that you locate and review all application guidelines prior to drafting and documents for submission.  Most sponsors have very specific requirements for how all documents must be presented in your application.  Typically each request for proposal indicates the specific instructions and formats that must be adhered to as part of the application.  If you are unsure of any information listed in the application guidlines, please contact the pre-awards office.  

After you are comfortable with the guidelines, please let either Jennifer or Brian know of your intention to submit the application.  

Budget Preparation

  • Develop an "Internal" or "Working" budget that indicates all potential cost elements.  Most sponsors require the use of specific budget forms; an internal budget spreadsheet will allow you to estimate the project budget before the budget is entered into the application.
  • Make sure all costs are appropriate to the program. 
  • Forward draft budget to Jennifer or Brian for review. 

Collaborating with another Institution 

If you are collaborating with another institution, the following materials must be obtained from the collaborating institution: 

  • Letter of Commitment from an institutional representative who can bind the collaborating institution. 
  • Scope of Work - with sufficient detail or deliverables to be measured.  This document must be specific only to the work the collaborator intends to complete.  
  • Budget
  • Federally Negotiated Rate Agreement and statement of current fringe benefit costs.  


At least three business days prior to the stated sponsor deadline, a full copy of the proposed application application must be provided to Jennifer or Brian.  

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