Post Awards

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides post-award services to faculty and staff including assistance with the following:
  • Sponsor Guideline Inquiries: Typical questions include what costs are allowable, is rebudgeting allowed, are no-cost extensions allowed, and are carryforwards allowed by the sponsor.
  • Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR): The mechanism used to recover salary and fringe benefits paid to state funded faculty and staff devoting effort to research grants.
  • Effort Reports: Certification of Salary Distribution Reports are produced by post-award. OMB Circular A-21 requires educational institutions to document the distribution of salaries and wages paid to employees performing services on federally sponsored projects. Certification of salary distribution (effort reporting) is the process the Research Foundation (RF) uses to comply with this requirement. Reports are sent out monthly for non-exempt employees and semi-annually for exempt employees.
  • Notification of Account Ending: Approximately 30 days before account ends, PI will be notified. PI will be asked to respond as to disposition of account, such as is an extension/renewal expected or is the study completed.
  • Account Close-Out Policy: When the sponsor does not require the Research Foundation to return any unexpended funds at the conclusion of the project, the direct costs remaining unexpended shall be transferred to a balance account which shall be established in support of research and educational purposes for the investigator. Any remaining unexpended indirect costs shall be absorbed by the campus administration. In cases where the indirect cost rate is less than 10%, a flat rate of 10% of the remaining funds will be assessed by the campus.
  • Subawards/Subcontracts: Post-award coordinates the process between the PI and the central office.