Conversations in Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

Upstate’s Office of Industry Relations is launching a new lecture series — Conversations In Entrepreneurship — designed to bring together people interested in exploring the potential of biomedical research from a business perspective.

Previous Lectures

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Cultivating and Entreprenerial Mindset "

Rhett L. Weiss, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Institute Johnson Graduate School of Management Cornell University

To translate research from the bench to practical value for the patient, researchers and clinicians can benefit by employing the same thought processes that are second nature to the successful entrepreneurs-opportunity recognition and exploration, highrisk tolerance, innovation, and achievement.

View presentation: Cultivating and Entreprenerial Mindset

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Pathways to Entrepreneurship "

Peter C. Johnson, MD
Vice President, Research and Development
Avery Dennison Medical Solutions Division

To the “pre-entrepreneur,” it is often difficult to
envision the steps to successfully make the traverse
to entrepreneurship—especially for those who
have followed structured routes to their present
professions. This presentation will focus upon
elements of this process, especially on the acquiring
the self knowledge required to choose one’s own
optimal entrepreneurial path.

View presentation: The Physician Entrepreneur: Genesis and Process

"Winning the Race"

Frank Young MD. PhD Partner of Essex Woodlands Health Ventures and the President of Woodhaven Consultants Inc.

The opportunities for entrepreneurs in biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health-care services are vast. Dr. Young's presentation will focus on current trends in these areas and how to successfully take research from the laboratory towards commercialization through a company start-up.

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Friday December 10, 2010

Healthcare Entrepreneurship: A Primer

Dr. Brian Meltzer is the business leader for ortho clinical diagnostics and founder of RedScript ventures, Johnson & Johnson

This lecture will cover:

  • Entrepreneurship in terms of mitigating strategic risk.
  • Business plan essentials, including key commercial and technical questions.
  • Funding: the "rules of the road" for venture capital/angel fundng.
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Friday, Febrary 25, 2011

Bedside to Bench to Bedside: The Critical Role of Clinicians in Advancing Patient Care

Jonathan Rosen, PhD, MBA, Boston University

This presentation will describe efforts to engage, empower, and enfranchise the clinical community in the development of breakthrough medical technologies.

We will discuss:
  • Techniques for identifying clinical problems worth solving;
  • How to reach out to the "Solution Rich Environment" that engineering and research can provide;
  • How to form effective collaborations.
  • Also covered: potential funding sources for bringing new ideas to fruition and how in-house technology transfer experts can help.