Advanced Fluorescent Imaging Core

Zeiss Confocal

Core: Advanced Fluorescent Imaging Core
Core Director: Arvydas Matiukas, PhD
Phone: 315 464-7997
Location: 4607 IHP/NRB

Instrumentation in Core:

  • Zeiss LSM510 scanning confocal/two-photon microscope system
    reservation calendar
  • Zeiss LSM 780 confocal
    reservation calendar
  • Deep Brain 2p Imaging Microscope
    reservation calendar
  • Superresolution Microscope
    reservation calendar
  • Environmental chamber providing temperature and CO2 control
  • Coherent Chameleon tunable phased NIR laser for two-photon excitation
  • Newport vibration isolation optical table
  • A separate graphical workstation with Zeiss and ImageJ software for image analysis

Brief Description of Core:

This core facility enables neuroscientists to visualize the structure of individual neurons and their activity in the living organism and has potential applications in many other research areas (such as microbiology, molecular biology, ophthalmology, etc.) for the study of 3D structure and process dynamics.

The Core recently was moved to the new Neuroscience Research Building and expanded. The Core provides several instruments to image fixed samples, live cells, and live animals. The hardware and software allow different imaging modes ranging from single slice to multicolor 3D time series. Available environmental chambers provide optimal conditions for long term experiments on live cells.

Project consultation/collaboration, training, and technical assistance are available from Core Director (a Zeiss certified microscopy specialist). All users must receive training (separate for each microscope) before operating the equipment. Trained and proficiency certified users may operate the Core equipment without supervision.

Advance Fluorescent Imaging Core
Fee Schedule
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Billing Rules:

The hours billed are based on your computer log on. Remember to log off to end the billing session. All users Must Record system usage on the paper log at each Microscope.

Minimum time billed is 1 Hour. After the first hour usage is billed in 30 min. increments.

Technical Support is billed in 1 minute increments and added to the cost/hr for the laser usage.

If you fail to show up for time you have scheduled on the calendar, you will be billed for the amount of time listed on the calendar.

Removal of time scheduled on the calendar (Cancellation) must be done at least 24 hours before the time you were scheduled for, or You will be billed for the amount of time listed on the calendar.

How to Access Core Services: Phone or email.

The Core has moved to the new Neuroscience Research Building and expanded in March 2014.