Research Administration Directory

Research Administration offices are located in Weiskotten Hall: The Office of the Vice President for Research (Room 1118); Research Compliance (Room 1109), Technology Transfer (Room 1109 B), Research Development and Research Integrity (Room 2142, 2nd Floor, Weiskotten Hall); Sponsored Programs, Clinical Trials(Room 1111) Research Administration functions are listed below.


Under the direction of the Vice President for Research, the Department of Research Administration provide support and oversight for all aspects of the research enterprise at Upstate Medical University.

Rosemary Rochford, PhD
Rosemary Rochford , PhD
Vice President for Research
Phone: 315 464-4515
Ellen Furnari
Ellen Furnari
Assistant to the Vice President
for Research
Phone: 315 464-4517


The Strategic Research Initiatives office seeks collaborative research opportunities and broader funding mechanisms to build up our partnerships on the Hill -- the Syracuse VA, SUNY ESF, and Syracuse University -- and nurtures new partnerships with the DOD, Gates Foundation, SUNY REACH, SUNY 2020, USAID and others. The office will coordinate complex funding submissions and provide assistance to Upstate faculty interested in developing new partnerships.

Holly Chanatry, Director, Strategic Research Initiatives
Holly Chanatry
Director, Strategic Research Initiatives

Phone: 315 464-4515


Promotes and monitors the responsible conduct of research and accepts and assesses allegations of research misconduct and oversees inquiries and investigations of allegations that fall within the Upstate Research Misconduct Policy.

David Amberg
David C. Amberg, PhD
Associate Vice President for
Research Integrity
Phone: 315 464-6486
Barbara Humphrey
Barbara Humphrey
Assistant to the Associate Vice President
for Research Integrity
Phone: 315 464-4322


Technology Transfer services at Upstate are designed to identify and protect SUNY-developed technologies and create partnerships with industry to further research and license inventions for public use.

Cynthia Dowd Greene
Scott Macfarlane
Director, Research Technology
and Commercialization
Phone: 315 464-7613
Kevin Cook
Kevin Cook
Research Technology
Transfer Assistant
Phone: 315 464-4325


Serves as point of contact for all information relating to clinical trials, and as a liaison between Principal Investigators and Study Sponsors, in negotiating contracts and budgets for clinical trials.  Also,responsible for updating the Volunteers for Clinical Trials webpage.

Danielle T. Doll
Clinical Trials Specialist
Phone: 315 464-4396



Acts as the local liaison to the Albany-based Research Foundation of SUNY, tracks proposals and insures compliance with pertinent governmental regulations.

Jennifer Rudes, Associate Director for Sponsored Programs
Jennifer A. Rudes
Director of Research Administration
Sponsored Programs Office
Phone: 315 464-5385
Jason Wagoner, Associate Director
Jason Wagoner
Associate Director for
Sponsored Programs
Phone: 315 464-5383
April Bridges
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 315 464-5384


Assures that all research conducted at Upstate and/or by faculty of Upstate involving human subjects, laboratory animals, radiation, toxic and infectious agents, human tissues and recombinant DNA complies with governmental regulations and institutional policies.

Compliance Committees
  • IRB—Inst. Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects
  • QAIP—Quality Assessment & Improvement Program for Human Subjects Research
  • IACUC—Committee for the Humane Use of Animals
  • RSC—Radiation Safety Committee
  • IBC—Bio-Safety Committee
  • DLAR—Dept. of Laboratory Animal Resources

Marti Benedict RN, BSN, CIP
Marti Benedict RN, BSN
IRB Administrator & Chief
Compliance Officer for Research
Phone: 315 464-4317

Jean Cardillo, IRB Coordinator
Jean Cardillo
IRB Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-4317

Robin Cerro NP, MSN
Robin Cerro NP, MSN
(QAIP) Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-4328
Michele O'Brien
Michele O'Brien
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 315 464-4317


841 East Fayette St.
Syracuse, NY 13210

As a joint venture with SUNY ESF. The CNY Biotech Accelerator strives to be a globally recognized nexus for accelerating technologies related to the life sciences and the environment.

Rosemary Rochford , PhD
Vice President for Research
Phone: 315 464-4515

Kathy Pazaras
Building Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-9288