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  • Yunlei Yang, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    Deciphering and manipulating cellular, synaptic, and circuit mechanisms governing feeding and anxiety-related behavior with genetic and system neuroscience approaches

  • Zhong-Jin Yang, MD
    Research Interests:

    Protective role of hyperbaric oxygenaton in ischemic and traumatic brain injury. Effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on chronic constriction induced sciatic neuropathic pain.

  • Wei-Dong Yao, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests:

    At the newly established Molecular Cellular Neuropsychiatry Laboratory at Upstate, directed by Dr. Yao, the mission is to find out how psychiatric diseases damage brain cells and their proper wiring, and how these impairments cause mental illnesses. 

  • Jianghong Yu, MD
    Assistant Professor