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  • Robert Daly, MD
    Research Interests: The conceptual foundations of psychiatry, philosophy of medicine, ethics, psychoanalysis
  • Timothy Damron, MD
    Research Interests: Radioprotectant strategies: pediatric growth plate. Treatment of Fractures in Pathology Bone, Reconstructive Alternatives: Limb-Sparing Sarcoma Surgery, Genetics of Pagetoid Osteosarcoma
  • Edward Darling, MS, CCP
    Associate Professor
  • Mantosh Dewan, MD
    Distinguished Service Professor
    Research Interests:

    Treatment issues in schizophrenia:  economics of health care.

  • Joseph Domachowske, MD
    Research Interests: Pneumovirus pathogenesis.
  • Dipak Dube, PhD
    Research Interests: Molecular mechanism of cardiac myofibrillogenesis in vertebrates.
  • David Duggan, MD
    Research Interests: Clinical trials in cancer; Breast Cancer; Hodgkin's Disease, Lymphoma and  Leukemia.
  • Thomas Duncan, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Bioenergetics, enzymology, structural biology, membrane protein function.
  • James Dwyer, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Health, justice and democracy; global health and ethics; personal. professional, and social responsibility