Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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Contact: Michael Formikell,
MR Supervisor
Phone: 315 464-6924

Magnetic resonance imaging technology (MRI or MR) uses the resonant frequency properties of atoms within a magnetic field to demonstrate detailed anatomy, help look at some of the functions our bodies are performing, and can help guide medical procedures.

Brain MRI
MRI is the modality of choice for
high quality neurological images.

University Hospital's MR Department employs the use of two state-of-the art systems at University Hospital:

  • GE 1.5 Tesla/9LX Platform
  • Phillips Intera 1.5 Tesla/8.1 Platform

Relatively new to our clinical family is the addition of a third scanner, the Phillips Intera 1.5 Tesla/11.0 Platform, located at the Community General Campus.

Additionally, we provide several unique MR services including:

  • Anesthesia support for claustrophobic and pediatric patients
  • Pre-operative MR imaging for patients undergoing Gamma Knife procedures
  • Support for UH’s Stryker Navigational Systems.

These MR image-based image-guided systems serve a unique and useful role in characterizing surgical anatomy with greater accuracy and detail, enabling physicians to broaden the horizon of minimally invasive techniques and operations.

Our MR services have been American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited since 2000; a tribute to our experienced and dedicated staff and quality technological program. Learn more about the ACR's stringent requirements for accreditationath their website: External link

Our Commitment
To render the highest quality imaging and interventional services for accurate diagnosis, enhanced patient management capabilities, and increased quality of life.