Radiation Safety Committee

Dr. Joseph Spadaro, Ph.D. Chair
Mr. Thomas R. LaVoy Radiation Safety Officer
Ms. Mary Richardson Assistant Radiation Safety Officer
Dr. Kent Ogden, Ph. D. Director - Radiological Physics
Ms. Theresa Gagnon Hospital Administration
Dr. Peter Hahn, Ph.D. Radiation Biology
Dr. Hani Kozman, M.D.
Dr. Luna Bhatta, M.D. (alternate)
Dr. Andrij Wojtowycz, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology
Dr. Daniel Bassano, Ph.D. Radiation Oncology
Dr. David Feiglin, M.D. Radiology
Dr. Robert Sagerman, M.D. Radiation Oncology
Mr. Robert Andrus Director Environmental Health and Safety (ex-officio)
Ms. Kerry Greene-Donnelly, RRT College of Health Professions
Ms. Tara Major, R.N. Nursing 5A
Ms. Kristin Morabito Health Physics and QA Technologist (ex-officio)
Ms. Donna Fritz Recording Secretary (ex-officio)
Mr. Charles Rogers Biomedical Engineering
Ms. Marti Benedict Campus Administration