Government & Community Relations

Government and Community Relations is responsible for all contact between Upstate Medical University and elected officials and governmental agencies.

Government and Community Relations:

  • builds understanding and support of Upstate Medical University through a vigorous communications and advocacy strategy
  • serves as a liaison between the university and elected officials and governmental agencies
  • monitors legislation and the University's response to legislation
  • seeks out and participates in coalitions which promote the university's interests
  • encourages elected officials and governmental leaders to make major policy announcements and hold ceremonial events on the Upstate campus
  • writes and distributes Friends & Advocates, a weekly briefing sheet from the President's office

Contact Government and Community Relations if you want to:

  • support legislation
  • draft legislation
  • get funding from a government official or agency for a specific program or piece of equipment
  • work with the Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Development Agency or other such group
  • contact SUNY Central regarding public relations or governmental matters
  • recommend a story idea for Friends & Advocates

1225 Weiskotten Hall
Phone: 315-464-4832