The curriculum in Syracuse is carefully designed for each resident to take increasing levels of responsibility for care of a complete range of psychiatric patients; to be strongly grounded in Medicine and Neurology, and to appreciate the interface between them and Psychiatry; to experience the excitement and wealth of both the biological and psychosocial areas of Psychiatry and to integrate these appropriately; and to enjoy the art and science (and at times the poetry) of psychiatric practice.

Residency "Tracks"

The residency in Syracuse is structured so that all residents are encouraged to add an area of emphasis or specialty in a particularly appealing aspect within Psychiatry, while still allowing completion of training within the standard four years. We take full advantage of local institutions and community resources and expect that the richness of the opportunities will stimulate interests in areas such as those described on Residency Tracks.

Family Therapy Class
HPC around Table
Med Students in the Office
Rob Grand Rounds