Joint Seminars for Adult and Child Tracks

In addition to the core clinical activities, interns from both tracks participate together in seminars and conferences throughout the year. These include:

Psychotherapy Seminar (1 hour weekly)

Interns take turns with audiovisual presentations of ongoing cases. The same case is followed for a period of time ranging from a few weeks to a few months. Issues in psychotherapy are discussed and approaches to therapy are taught that extend and enlarge what is learned during individual supervision. Sessions on ethics and diversity are included.

Assessment Seminar (1 - 2 hours weekly)

At the start of the intern year the focus of the seminar is on basic skills in administration and interpretation of the Rorschach (e.g., "Rorschach boot camp") and other testing measures as needed and on basic skills in conceptualizing an assessment case and writing an integrated report. As the seminar progresses, the topics shift to more advanced assessment topics (e.g., Humanistic and Therapeutic Assessment) that require more reflection and deeper participation in discussion and application of these concepts.

Clinical Supervision Seminar and Practicum (1.5 hours weekly)

The education in clinical supervision begins with a seminar that starts with didactics related to the topic and evolves into more discussion and experientially-based learning. The training in clinical supervision continues with a practicum through which interns are able to gain experience with the practice of clinical supervision by supervising a junior clinician while under the supervision a psychology faculty member (Dr. Thomas).

Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds (1.5 hours weekly)

Various speakers provide presentations on topics of interest and lead discussion afterward. Speakers,from inside and outside of the Department, represent the broad range of behavioral sciences.

Professional Interest Group

During the course of the year, the Professional Interest Group meets periodically and informally with different faculty members at the faculty member's home to address issues of mutual interest and those that may not have come up elsewhere in training. Past topics have included the psychologist's role in legal cases, ethical issues, testing of Freud's ideas, setting up a private practice, state licensing laws, job searching, and professional development.

Department Sponsored Conferences

A host of conferences are offered within the Department of Psychiatry each year and are available to psychology interns.

In recent years, interns have attended conferences on:

  1. Addictions
  2. Psychopharmacology
  3. Creativity
  4. Issues in Forensic Psychiatry
  5. Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy
  6. Dynamic Psychotherapy for OCPD and Histrionic Personality Disorder
  7. Suicidal Behavior and Co-morbid Disorders

Special Seminars

Special seminars are arranged to cover topics of interest to faculty or interns and are scheduled whenever the need arises. A visiting expert, for instance, in Statistics or Forensic Psychiatry might be invited to lead such a conference.