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Winter Hazards: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Five common household products that can poison your child

Facts on Ricin

Bath Salts

Dr. OZ Show
Find out about the dangerous substance sold at major drugstores across the country. It goes by various names, but the most common is bath salts. Read more > External Icon

Bath Salts Articles
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Toxicology Newsletter
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Program Your Cell Phone

Program Your Cell Phone

We recommend that you PROGRAM YOUR CELL PHONE with the number of The Upstate New York Poison Center. To have access to the experts in poison emergency and information, at your fingertips.

4 million people called the 57 U S Poison Centers last year.

  • 50% are about children under 6
  • 50% are about all others, including adults
  • 78% are accidents, not meant to happen

Most people don't know the Poison Center number. Program your cell phone now ... just in case! Then share the number with a friend!

22nd Annual National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week (NIPAW)

March 16 - 22, 2014. This annual community mobilization and awareness effort has proven to be an effective tool in fighting inhalant use. Latest News Updates! External Icon

New York Times Article on the Importance of Poison Centers

Safe Medicine Disposal

The first alternative to flushing medications down the toilet is to locate a community drug take-back or collection program in your area. If there is not a program available then it is recommended to dispose of medications in the trash mixed with additives so they can't be consumed. Click on the following links to learn more.

Next DEA Drug Collection Event April 27, 2013

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