The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department evidences a strong interest in research. Our funded research is in the areas of aging, secondary conditions with disability and traumatic brain injury.

Completion of an approved research project is required for completion of the residency training program. A wide range of projects will be considered. Departmental support is provided for presentations at national meetings.

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The Brookings Institution is planning a National Forum on Innovation in Medical Devices, with a panel related to rehabilitation-related pediatric medical devices. If you are a physiatrist practicing pediatric rehabilitation medicine full or part-time, have a practice that includes adults with childhood onset disabilities, or are an administrative physiatrist with previous pediatric rehabilitation experience, please review the Needs Assessment of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians about Pediatric Rehabilitation Medical Devices description, and join us in influencing a national agenda to promote quality care for our patients and families!
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Research in Progress

Disability Research and Dissemination Center (DRDC) is a cooperative agreement with NCBDDD, intended to expand NCBDDDs capacity to support research and training, and to disseminate evidence-based practice related to birth defects and developmental and other disabilities ( External Icon).
CDC; 1U01DD001007-01
Co-PIs: Roberta Carlin, JD / Suzanne McDermott, PhD / Margaret A. Turk, MD
2012 ongoing

Dynasplint Systems, Inc.
Dynamic Splinting for Idiopathic Toe Walking: a Randomized, Controlled Study with Gait Analysis
Multi-center randomized controlled trial to examine the change in excessive ankle plantar flexion while walking, following treatment with the Ankle Dorsiflexion Dynasplint (AFD) vs. AFO for children diagnosed with toe walking (idiopathic and neurologically based) through gait analysis.
Margaret A. Turk, MD (PI) / Lynne Romeiser Logan, PT, PhD / Christopher Neville, PhD / Daniel Poulsen, PhD
2013 ongoing

Innovative Neurotronics, Inc
Randomized Trial of the Innovative Neurotronics WalkAide Compared to Conventional AFO in Stroke is a multi-center clinical trial of WalkAide, a superficial nerve stimulator orthosis (FES) vs. brace, using functional scales tools, gait analysis, and standardized questionnaires to determine safety and effectiveness.
Co-PIs: Margaret A. Turk, MD /Lynne Romeiser Logan, PT, PhD / Claudine Ward, MD
2010 ongoing

Recent Faculty Publications

Turk, MA & Mudrick, NR. Rehabilitation Interventions, Volume 6 . In SAGE Reference Series on Disability: Key Issues and Future Directions. Albrecht, GL, (series ed.), Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2013.

Turk, MA, Carone D, Scandale J. Education, training, and certification of care providers. In Brain Injury Medicine: Principles and Practice. Zasler N, Katz D, Zafonte D. (eds) Demos Medical Publishing, New York, 2012.