Meet Our Residents—Academic Year 2013-2014

  • Residents in Past Academic Years
    • PGY-1 Pharmacy Residents

      When I was looking at residency programs, I wanted a place with enthusiastic preceptors and a diverse patient population to help me grow as a clinician. It was obvious to me upon interviewing, that Upstate was the exact place I was looking for. The faculty at Upstate are so welcoming, you feel like you’re part of a family right away. The hospital also has many different clinical areas such as pediatrics, critical care, and infectious disease.

      --Caitlyn Burnett, PharmD., Graduate of Wilkes School of Pharmacy

      The PGY-1 pharmacy residency program at Upstate appealed to me because of its excellent reputation within the pharmacy profession, the availability of rotations in my areas of interest, and the welcoming and supportive preceptors. The alternating rotation schedule between internal medicine and specialty areas allows residents to build a solid clinical knowledge foundation while gaining a wide variety of experiences. During my interview, I was impressed by the strong pharmacy presence throughout the institution and the positive working relationships that the pharmacists have built with other members of the patient care team. The preceptors are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and are truly invested in resident education. After meeting with the team at Upstate, I felt very confident that this program would help me achieve my goals as a pharmacy resident.

      --Christina Keltz, PharmD., Graduate of St. John Fisher College of Pharmacy

      I decided to come to Upstate for my PGY-1 because of the wide varieties of sub-specialties I would be exposed to, while also keeping a strong base of internal medicine knowledge.  This program exposes me to all of my principle interests and will give me the tools to become the best candidate for my future career goals.

      --Greg Meola, PharmD., Graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy

      SUNY Upstate appealed to me as a program to continue my professional development because of the variety of electives and opportunities to grow professionally and personally.  After my interview I knew this was where I wanted to be, the pharmacy truly is a family. 

      --Kala Rorabaugh, PharmD., Graduate of Wilkes School of Pharmacy

      I chose to pursue my PGY-1 residency at Upstate University Hospital based on its stellar program characteristics.  I love that internal medicine is structured as a pivot in my training since it aligns with my ultimate goal of becoming a specialized adult medicine clinician.  I also found that Upstate residents are leaders not only within the hospital’s pharmacy team, but also within the multidisciplinary healthcare team.  These aspects, combined with dedicated preceptors who are passionate about teaching, appeal to my ambition to excel.

      --Sarah Sahraoui, PharmD., Graduate of Howard University College of Pharmacy

      I knew Upstate was the program for me upon interviewing; the pharmacy family is eager to welcome new perspectives with each new resident. All of the preceptors have a passion for pharmacy and a passion for teaching and mentoring residents. Residency at Upstate sets the groundwork needed to advance each individual resident’s career path of choice. I could not have designed a better match for myself.

      --Megan Stambough, PharmD., Graduate of The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy


      PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Resident

      I chose Upstate to continue my professional development for multiple factors. The faculty demonstrates passion for their profession and teaching, there is an overall pharmacy-friendly environment throughout the establishment, and a diverse patient population.

      —Eric Sidman, PharmD

      PGY-2 Pediatric Resident

      I wanted a residency program that would help me grow as a clinician, in every sense of the word. Upstate's program offers an atmosphere where the culture of pharmacy focuses on refining clinical skills and understanding the intersection of these skills with all levels of pharmacy operations. Affiliated with a children's hospital, the program has strengths in my area of interest, pediatrics. The fact that support can be found if you just ask, is pivotal to creating a fruitful residency experience.

      —Densley Francois, PharmD