Annual Residency Stipend is $41,154

Syracuse Costs Less!
The cost of living in Syracuse is very reasonable.

Below is the amount you would need to earn, in 12 cities with major biomedical research centers, to equal the stipend offered at University Hospital.

Salary Comparison

If you Earn $41,154
living in Syracuse...

You would need to earn...

$64,414 in Boston
$71,572 in Chicago
$62,314 in Los Angeles
$39,995 in Cleveland
$49,056 in Minneapolis
$44,120 in New Haven
$104,504 in New York City
$45,667 in Philadelphia
$61,416 in San Diego
$81,267 in San Francisco
$55,004 in Seattle
$72,769 in Washington, DC

Meet Our Residents - Academic Year 2013-2014

PGY-1 Pharmacy Residents

I chose Upstate University Hospital to continue my pharmacy education as a PGY-1 Resident because of the engaging faculty, numerous opportunities for professional growth, and the exciting work environment. Upstate offers not only an advanced pharmacy practice environment, but caring staff that understand the role of the resident and take every opportunity to see you succeed. I know that upon graduation from this program I will be a well-rounded pharmacist-clinician able to succeed in any practice setting I choose.

--Peter Aiello, PharmD., Graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

When looking at residency programs, I knew I wanted to be in a place that would expose me to a wide variety of experiences and that had enthusiastic preceptors that would help me become a well-rounded clinician. The alternating rotation schedule between specialties and internal medicine builds a strong base for the residents upon which to build a foundation of clinical knowledge, and daily clinical pharmacology rounds presentations further enhances that knowledge base. Additionally, I have an interest in teaching and academia and the program provides for plenty of teaching development opportunities. I ultimately decided to come to Upstate for my PGY-1 because of the family feeling I got while interviewing and the strong pharmacy presence throughout the institution and on the patient care teams. I am confident that this program and the pharmacy family will help me achieve my goals as a pharmacy resident and clinician.

--Cory Hale, PharmD., Graduate of University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

The PGY-1 pharmacy residency program at Upstate provides an impressive combination of learning experiences designed to build solid clinical competency in its residents. Internal medicine rotations alternated with sub-specialty and elective pharmacy rotations, will allow me to gain strong expertise in adult medicine, and valuable exposure to other areas of interest such as oncology and toxicology. During my interview visit, I was especially impressed by Upstate's strong teaching tradition. The pharmacists and preceptors are excellent role models and teachers, and the PGY-1 residents in turn gain valuable experience precepting pharmacy students. I am confident that Upstate's program will provide me with the skills, experience and competence required for a successful career in academics or hospital pharmacy. I am very pleased and honored to be an Upstate resident.

--Margaret Helber, PharmD., Graduate of St John Fisher College, Wegmans School of Pharmacy

I chose to pursue a PGY-1 pharmacy residency at Upstate because here you are not only a resident but you are a member of the pharmacy family. I knew Upstate would provide me with an environment in which I can grow professionally with the guidance of enthusiastic and competent preceptors. I am confident that Upstate will help me to achieve my future goals. 

--Kayla Kotch, PharmD., Graduate of Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

The pharmacists at Upstate play a critical role in medication therapy selection and monitoring, putting PGY-1 residents in a position to make an immediate impact. The preceptors at Upstate also share a passion for teaching and lifelong learning. Combining this passion with adverse and complex patient population creates an ideal environment for developing one's clinical skills.

--Nicholas Sigona, PharmD., Graduate of St John Fisher College, Wegmans School of Pharmacy

After completing an APPE rotation in the ICU at Upstate, I realized what a great opportunity it would be to pursue one of the resident positions here. At Upstate you are constantly learning and growing as a pharmacist. The versatility of the residency rotations allows you to experience several different practice settings, making Upstate a great program to build a foundation of knowledge in any area you may be interested in.

--Andrew Van Slyke, PharmD., Graduate of D'Youville College School of Pharmacy

PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Resident

I have always known that I wanted my pharmacy career to be centered around direct patient care. Rotating through Ambulatory Care during my PGY-1 residency gave me the opportunity to work directly with patients and collaborate with highly-skilled practitioners from many disciplines. Upstate was the best fit for me as I had begun developing relationships with patients and physicians during my PGY-1 year. Continuing at Upstate will allow me to become familiar with the business side of ambulatory care pharmacy practice as well as providing direct patient care, which will solidify the foundation for the rest of my career.

—Megan Stambough, PharmD.

PGY-2 Pediatric Resident

I completed my PGY-1 residency at Upstate and fell in love with the work I was doing and who I was working with. After two pediatric rotations, I knew I would gain the experience necessary to be a well-educated and effective pediatric pharmacist if I was fortunate enough to stay in Syracuse for one more year.

—Kala Rorabaugh, PharmD.