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Student Profiles
Jacqualyn Schulman

"I just kept plowing through. We resubmitted it, and it was accepted and published." Meet Jacqualyn Schulman.

graduate students

Pharmacology Graduate Students

Hajime Akada Mohi Lab akadah@upstate.edu
Mansi Babbar Sheikh Lab babbarm@upstate.edu
Lesley Baker Lu Lab bakerl@upstate.edu
Christian Cassara Veenstra Lab cassarac@upstate.edu
Gourav Choudhary Sheikh Lab choudhgo@upstate.edu
Avik Dutta Mohi Lab duttaa@upstate.edu
Chinaza Egbuta Ghosh Lab egbutac@upstate.edu
Dandan Guo Luo Lab guod@upstate.edu
Shangdong Guo Lu Lab guos@upstate.edu
Fatoumata Jobe Mohi Lab jobef@upstate.edu
Renyan Liu Huang Lab liure@upstate.edu
Jessica Lo Ghosh Lab loj@upstate.edu
Chris Lucchesi Huang Lab lucchesc@upstate.edu
Dipmoy Nath Mohi Lab nathd@upstate.edu
Dakshesh Patel Veenstra Lab patelda@upstate.edu
Jacqualyn Schulman Wojcikiewicz Lab schulmaj@upstate.edu
Qing Sun Huang Lab jsunq@upstate.edu
Forrest Wright Wojcikiewicz Lab wrightf@upstate.edu
Yue Yang Mohi Lab yangyu@upstate.edu