Parking Enforcement And Safety

The Public Safety Department is charged with enforcing all campus vehicular and parking regulations. Enforcement of parking regulations is designed to eliminate confusion, hazards, and abuse of the system.

  • These regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including legal holidays.
  • New York State Vehicle and Traffic laws apply to the use and operation of all motor vehicles upon all properties of the SUNY Upstate Medical University campus.

The Public Safety Department issues written violation notices to vehicles found parked contrary to SUNY Upstate regulations. Parking tickets can have a monetary fee related to the violation. Vehicles that continue to violate the SUNY Upstate Parking Regulations or are left parked in fire lanes, roadways, unauthorized parking lots, or other emergency zones may be towed at the owners expense. Copies of the violation notices are maintained by Public Safety Department.

Public Safety is available to provide escorts to the garages or open lots upon request when shuttle service is not operating. (Ext. 4-4000)


Shuttle Changes

Beginning Monday, July 28, 2014 there will be several changes made to the shuttle service. They include:

Stops will not longer be made in the Hospital Circle or Jacobsen Hall. All pick ups and drops off will be made at a new stop on Sarah Loguen Street next to the Garage East. This includes the bus traveling to and from Community Campus.

A new stop has been added for the Institute for Human Performance.