Calendar of Events

Interested in volunteering or participating in events at Upstate?
9/26/2016 7:00am Spine-Topic Based Journal Club-Moderator TBA
9/27/2016 6:30am Sports-OITE Review-Drs. Cannizzaro/Scuderi
9/28/2016 7:00am Trauma "Pelvis/Acetabulum Case Review" Brian Kistler, MD
9/28/2016 8:00am Orthopedic Grand Rounds-"Management of Septic Shock" - Guest Speaker Dr. Carlos Lopez
9/29/2016 7:00am Peds-Lower Extremity Fractures: Hip & Pelvis-Danielle Katz, MD
9/30/2016 6:00am Pathology-Timothy Damron, MD
10/3/2016 7:00am Spine-Epidurals & Selective Nerve Root Blocks in Treatment of Lumbar Radiculitis, Richard Tallarico, MD
10/4/2016 7:00am Morbidity & Mortality Conference
10/4/2016 5:00pm 4th Annual Robert Lockwood Endowed Lectureship Series "ACL Reconstruction and the Four-Bar-Linkage" - Guest Speaker Rocci Trumper, MD
10/5/2016 7:00am Trauma "Pelvis & Acetabulum Case Review" Brian Kistler, MD
10/5/2016 8:00am Orthopedic Grand Rounds TBA - Ronald Sismondo, MD
10/6/2016 7:00am Hand-Fractures-Hand, Joshua Pletka, MD
10/7/2016 7:00am Foot & Ankle " Biomechanics of the Foot & Ankle" Scott Van Valkenburg, MD
10/10/2016 All day Columbus Day - Office Closed
10/11/2016 7:00am Total Joints - OITE Review, Robert Sherman, MD
10/12/2016 7:00am Trauma "Hip Dislocations and Femoral Head Fractures" Emil Azer, MD
10/12/2016 8:00am Orthopedic Grand Rounds TBA - Jordan Meiss, MD
10/13/2016 7:00am Peds - Lower extremity angular and rotational deformities, Resident TBD
10/14/2016 7:00am Basic Science - Form & Function of Spinal Cord & Peripheral Nerves, Richard Tallarico, MD
10/17/2016 6:30am Sports - OITE Review, John Cannizzaro, MD/Matthew Scuderi, MD
10/18/2016 7:00am Spine - Cervical Myelopathy, Mike Sun, MD
10/19/2016 7:00am Trauma "Femoral Neck Fractures" Matthew Sullivan, MD
10/19/2016 8:00am "The History of Modern Spinal Instrumentation for Deformity" John Lubicky, MD - Guest Speaker
10/20/2016 7:00am Hand - Osteomyelitis, Brian Harley, MD
10/21/2016 7:00am Research - Statistics & Methods, Brian Harley, MD/Fred Werner, MME
10/24/2016 7:00am Spine Conference "Sagital Imbalance" Billy Lavelle,MD
10/25/2016 7:00am Radiology, Hal Cohen, MD
10/26/2016 7:00am Trauma
10/26/2016 8:00am Orthopedic Grand Rounds TBA - Maria Iannolo, MD
10/27/2016 7:00am Peds - DDH up to 18 months, Danielle Katz, MD
10/28/2016 7:00am Practice Management "Coding & Compliance I" Lisa DaRin & Deb Gregoire
10/31/2016 7:00am Spine - OITE Review, William Lavelle, MD
11/1/2016 7:00am Morbidity & Mortality Conference, Stephen Albanese, MD
11/2/2016 7:00am Trauma Conference TBA
11/2/2016 8:00am Orthopedic Grand Rounds TBA - Marc O'Donnell, MD
11/3/2016 7:00am Hand, OITE Review, Brian Harley, MD