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Medicine - 10G

Contact Information

Kelly Dolan, RN, MSN
Nurse Manager

Amanda Brown, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager

The Medical Unit is a 13 bed medicine unit transitioning into a focus on acute care of the elderly. Our admissions come primarily from the ED and have a wide range of medical conditions.

The staff on 10G are committed to providing the patients with excellent patient and family centered care in an interdisciplinary environment. As a staff member, you will work closely with health care professionals from other disciplines such as PT/OT, Respiratory Therapy, Case Management and Social Work to develop a plan of care individualized for each patient.

All RN's receive a 10-16 week competency based orientation with an assigned preceptor. This orientation includes both classroom and hands-on learning. During your orientation you will acquire the necessary skills to draw blood, do finger sticks, care for central IV lines, care for G-tubes and obtain an EKG.