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Nursing Department Health-Related Tuition Assistance

Upstate University Hospital of Upstate Medical University at Syracuse is offering tuition assistance to encourage and support our staff in advancing their professional and personal skills in delivering excellent nursing care.

Contact: Colleen Boyea
Tuition Assistance Coordinator
Phone: 315-464-6148

Who Is Eligible?

Full and part-time (0.50 FTE or greater) employees pursuing education to advance professional and personal skills in delivering nursing care.


  • Must be an employee for 6 months
  • Must have a satisfactory performance evaluation and satisfactory time/attendance
  • Must have a written career plan focusing on educational goals
  • Nursing Department state employee

Continued Support

  • Satisfactory completion of previous course requirements
  • Proof of matriculation into NYS approved and/or NLN accredited RN program
  • Job-related courses: employed for 6 months, relate course to service goals/objectives, obtain approval from Unit Manager/Supervisors

Additional Facts

  • Review the Program Policy (NDM B-25) for further information
  • Pursuing coursework applied towards an AAS, BS, MS, doctoral degree, or post-masters certificate, in Nursing or Administration (i.e., MBA, MPA, MPH, Health Care Nursing Administration or others as deemed appropriate by the Chief Nursing Officer) and employees pursuing advanced education in social services and Physician Assistant programs, through in-class or online programs.
  • Upstate will pay 80% of the current tuition for the DNP Program.
  • Minimum grades: "C" for lower division and undergraduate level courses, "B" for graduate level courses. If the required grade is not maintained, the employee will be ineligible for further tuition.
  • Tuition support is paid at the current SUNY rate, which is determined by the Fall semester of the year.
  • Evidence of program completion (transcript and diploma/certificate) must be submitted to the Tuition Assistance Coordinator and to the Nursing Recruitment  Office.


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