Nursing Model Moments

Model Moments

Nursing Moments Shared by our Staff

Model Moments tell us a story on how our employees Stand Tall by living our nursing model. Read about unforgettable moments that gave us pride in our work.

Model Moments Shared ...

"I have been a nurse for many years and have many moments when I felt good about what I do but I have a patient who touched my life and is still vivid in my memory years later."

"She gave me the inspiration as to why I am a nurse..."

"This family touched my life and were so grateful for all of the care their child received at the end of his life. I'm so glad to have been a part of helping them through this and if in any small way I helped them I am proud to be a nurse."

"On 5B we heave a patient that was admitted in the beginning of January. She initially had family here to visit requently and over the months, the number of visits has greatly diminished. (She) always had a flat effect but at times is especially flat and withdrawn, her depression worsening over time. What impresses me is the different ways that our nursing staff finds to try to cheer her up. She has become like family, kind of like your "funny" aunt that you love in spite of her quirks. Our nursing staff makes extra time to do (her) nails or hair or to take her off the floor to see the fish tank, or go to Tim Horton's. There isn't just one person that I can name who goes above and beyond, it is the whole staff of 5B that I applaud for their holistic care.