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Innovative Care Model

The PATIENTSfirst Innovative Care Model is the practice model developed and implemented by the Nursing Department at Upstate. We are committed to a PATIENTSfirst philosophy and strive to strengthen our practice so that we can best help the patients, families, and community we serve achieve optimum outcomes.

The PATIENTSfirst Innovative Care Model was puts our PATIENTSfirst philosophy into action with the patient and family at the center and primary focus of our care. We identified the following drivers of clinical practice that contribute to optimum outcomes: Collaboration, Professionalism, Holistic Environment, Resources, and Education. By strengthening the drivers of practice and putting our PATIENTSfirst philosophy into action we can achieve optimum patient outcomes. We want every patient to experience patient-centered, safe, efficient, effective, high quality car—they way we would want our family treated.

The PATIENTSfirst model is built upon the framework of the AACN Synergy Model and its assumptions. The following assumptions ground us in how we see our patients and our practice:

  • Patients are biological, psychological, social, and spiritual entities who present at a particular developmental stage. The whole patient (body, mind and spirit) must be considered.
  • The patient, family and community all contribute to providing a context for the nursepatient relationship.
  • Patients can be described by a number of characteristics. All characteristics are connected and contribute to each other. Characteristics cannot be looked at in isolation.
  • Similarly, nurses can be described on a number of dimensions. The interrelated dimensions paint a profile of the nurse.
  • A goal of nursing is to restore a patient to an optimal level of wellness as defined by the patient. Death can be an acceptable outcome, in which the goal of nursing care is to move a patient toward a peaceful death.

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