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September 7, 1999
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Health Science Center Faculty and Staff Honored at Convocation Sept. 8

Sixteen members of the faculty and staff of the State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse have been honored for excellence in teaching, professional and voluntary service.

The awards were presented at the Fall Faculty Convocation Sept. 8 in Weiskotten Hall. The convocation traditionally marks the beginning of each new academic year. It provides the opportunity to publicly honor outstanding individuals who have given generously of their time, talents, skills and knowledge, and by their actions and accomplishments have benefitted the lives of others. The awards and their recipients are listed below.

(SUNY) Distinguished Teaching Professor Award
L. Thomas Wolff, M.D., professor of family medicine. Wolff has been affiliated with the Health Science Center since 1969 when he was an instructor in the Department of Family Practice. He became professor and chairman of the Department of Family Practice in 1973. He also directed the Family Practice Residency Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center. In 1988 Wolff began the development of a Rural Medical Education Program. Earlier this year, Wolff was named associate director of the statewide Area Health Education Center, a federally funded program designed to alleviate physician shortages in many areas of New York state. He resides in Liverpool.

(SUNY) Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Susan B. Bastable, Ed.D, associate professor and chair of the undergraduate program in the College of Nursing. A member of the Health Science Center faculty for nine years, Bastable has demonstrated admirable professional growth and a dedication to the highest standards of her profession. Bastable has co-authored a number of assessment examinations and study guides for Regents College, and wrote a premier nursing text, “The Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning,” which was named 1997 Book of the Year by the American Journal of Nursing. Bastable received the 1996 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. She resides in Fayetteville.

(SUNY) Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service
Harriet B. Rolen Mark, chair and professor of clinical laboratory science in the College of Health Professions. Mark is honored for being a tireless campaigner for high quality standards in the clinical laboratory science. With more than three decades of service to the Health Science Center, Mark has held numerous leadership positions, including chair of the College of Health Professions and College of Nursing General Assembly, chair of the Middle States Self Study Committee for Programs and Curricula. She currently chairs a national conference aimed at developing quality indicators, benchmarks and best practices for clinical education in clinical laboratory science programs around the nation. She resides in Constantia.

President’s Award for Voluntary Faculty Service
Jeannette M. Bellerdine, clinical assistant instructor in the College of Health Professions. Bellerdine is honored for her contributions to the field of cytotechnology and for being an excellent role model for students. As an alumna of the College of Health Professions and a member of the Health Professions Alumni Association, Bellerdine has been instrumental in the development of Alumni Scholarships, which are now awarded to 20 students annually. Bellerdine resides in Auburn.

President’s Award for Voluntary Faculty Service
John E. Dewar, M.D., and Sandra A. McCloy, M.D., clinical assistant professors in the College of Medicine. As a husband and wife team practicing family medicine in Potsdam, Dewar and McCloy have contributed more than 9,500 hours of volunteer instruction through the Health Science Center’s Rural Medicine Education Program. Dewar serves as medical director of the Canton-Potsdam Hospital Substance Abuse Treatment Program and is on the hospital board of directors. McCloy is medical director for Hospice of St. Lawrence Valley.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Lester Friedman, Ph.D., professor of health sciences and human studies, and a Faculty Scholar in the Program in Bioethics. Friedman is recognized for his outstanding teaching and his ability to sensitize students to the connections between the humanities and health care. In addition to teaching, Freidman serves as associate director of the medicine and society program at the Health Science Center, and as associate editor of the Journal of Medical Humanities. Friedman resides in Manlius.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Gary Johnson, M.D., associate professor of emergency medicine. Johnson is recognized for being an outstanding role model for emergency physicians in training. Johnson has led the Emergency Medicine Residency Program since 1990 and has implemented many teaching techniques specific to the emergency medicine residency program. In addition, he has strengthened the teaching of emergency medicine ultrasound at the local, regional and national levels. Johnson resides in Syracuse.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Michael A. Bogdasarian, M.D., clinical associate professor at clinical campus at Binghamton. Bogdasarian is honored for his ability to impart to students a unique blend of knowledge, skill, respect and appreciation for surgery and medicine in general. A member of the clinical campus faculty for more than two decades, Bogdasarian is a former medical staff president of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, and currently serves on the board of directors. He established the Vascular Laboratory at Lourdes and serves as its medical director. He lives in Binghamton.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Jonathan L. Miller, M.D., Ph.D., professor and director of clinical pathology and professor of pharmacology. Miller is recognized for helping students develop the analytical skills that allows them to assess and integrate new scientific discoveries throughout their professional careers. He has been an active participant in the second year systemic pathology course, in which he lectures and coordinates laboratory exercises in hemostasis. In addition to his teaching, Miller maintains an active research agenda with a number of federal grants. He resides in Syracuse.

President’s Award for Voluntary Faculty Service
Elizabeth C. Mizro, clinical assistant professor in the College of Nursing. An alumna of the College of Nursing, Mizro has coordinated and taught several courses for the college, such as the leadership and health assessment courses, and she has developed and taught medical-surgical review/update programs in Continuing Education. She also participates in numerous alumni activities, including Omicron Alpha Chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Society. Mizro resides in Auburn.

President’s Award for Excellence and Leadership in Research
Joseph Robinson, M.D., professor of pharmacology. His 35 years at the Health Science Center have culminated in his earning international stature in the field of how ions move across biological membranes. His research has improved the understanding of the basic operational modes of the enzyme, which now are simply and clearly stated in every biochemical, physiological and pharmacological textbook. Robinson has published more than 125 scientific papers mostly on this subject. More recently, he received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support writing a book on the history of membrane transport and bioenergetics. The book, “Moving Questions A History of Membrane Transport and Bioenergetics,” has contributed in an important way to the recent award of Nobel prizes to workers in these fields. Robinson lives in Syracuse.

President’s Award for Advancement of Affirmative Action
Maxine S. Thompson, associate director and coordinator of the University Health Care Center Division of Social Work. In addition to counseling patients, Thompson has spearheaded numerous affirmative action efforts. She has assisted in the development of the Association of Faculty and Staff for Diversity, which helps identify, recruit and retain candidates for vacant positions. Thompson was active in the JCAHO Cultural Competency Task Force and co-chaired a Task Force on Tolerance. During her tenure, she has also served as a field instructor to Syracuse University graduate students. Thompson lives in Syracuse.

President’s Award for Professional Service
Jane E. Dantoni, administrator of the Breast Care Center at University Health Care Center. With more than a quarter century of service to the Health Science Center, Dantoni, a registered nurse practitioner, is honored for her advocacy work on the part of women with breast disease and breast cancer. The success of the Breast Care Center, which sees over 500 women a month, is due in part to Dantoni’s outreach efforts and her work in forging alliances with primary care, OB/GYN, and other physicians in Central New York, as well as developing programs for underserved and minority women through county health departments. Dantoni lives in Fayetteville.

President’s Award for Voluntary Faculty Service
Frederick Rose, M.D., clinical assistant professor at the clinical campus in Binghamton. As a teacher, Rose is known for his expertise, congeniality, humility, and availability. He welcomes students to work with him almost every month of the academic year and lectures regularly on infectious disease topics. He was selected by Binghamton-based medical students to receive the 1999 Excellence in Teaching Award. Rose joined the teaching faculty at the clinical campus in 1980 and joined the full-time teaching faculty at the Health Science Center last month. He lives in Syracuse.

President’s Award for Voluntary Faculty Service
Richard J. Wells, M.D., clinical professor of surgery. As a surgeon, Wells has been described by a colleague as “careful and meticulous…serving as an excellent role model” for his students. Since 1982 he has been chief of the Department of Surgery at Crouse Hospital, while attending and consulting also at University and Community General Hospitals respectively. Wells excels not only in the practice of, but in the instruction of surgery. At Crouse Hospital since 1982 he has been instrumental in directing the educational activities of 3rd and 4th year medical students and the surgery residents assigned to Crouse through SUNY’s affiliation agreement.

President’s Award for Distinguished Service
E. Robert Heitzman, M.D., professor emeritus of radiology. Dr. Heitzman has been a member of the Health Science Center faculty for more than four decades, during which time he served as vice chair of the department of radiology and interim chair. But his service to the community extends beyond the Health Science Center: He was chief of radiology for the VA Medical Center and Crouse Hospital. He has served on dozens of task forces and panels, published more than 100 articles and has taught nearly 4,000 students. Past honors include 1990 Distinguished Service Professor of Radiology and 1996 Distinguished Alumnus of the College of Medicine.

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