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May 5, 1999
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More than 100 Health Science Center Physicians Named ‘Best Doctors in America’

More than 100 physicians affiliated with University Hospital and the State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse are listed in the newest edition of “The Best Doctors in America,” the nation’s top guide on who provides the best medical care. The listing is contained in “The Best Doctors in America, 1999″ (Copyright 1998 by Woodward/White, Aiken, S.C).

To compile the current database, more than 30,000 doctors throughout the United States were asked to rate the clinical abilities of other doctors in their areas of specialization. Only those doctors who earned the consensus support of their peers were included and listings cannot be bought. For this reason, inclusion in “Best Doctors” is considered a singular honor.

Physicians are listed below by specialty. An asterisk, *, denotes physician is a clinical, or voluntary faculty member; others are full-time physicians at University Hospital.

Anesthesiology: Enrico Camporesi, Michael Hauser

Cardiovascular Disease: *Joseph J. Battaglia, *William Berkery, Allan S. Jaffe

Clinical Pharmacology: Jorge A. Torretti

Colon and Rectal Surgery: *John D. Nicholson

Dermatology: Fuad S. Farah

Endocrinology and Metabolism: Arnold Moses, Ruth S. Weinstock

Family Medicine: Lorne A. Becker, John P. DeSimone, James L. Greenwald, Larry Novak, L. Thomas Wolff

Gastroenterology: Philip G. Holtzapple, David Kaplan, Robert Levine, *John J. Walker

Geriatric Medicine: Sharon A. Brangman, Richard J. Ham

Hand Surgery: John F. Mosher, Jr, Andrew K. Palmer

Infectious Disease: Donald C. Blair

Internal Medicine (General): Lynn M. Cleary, Wendy S. A. Edwards, Karen Heitzman, Harold Husovsky, Barbara Krenzer, David Small

Medical Oncology and Hematology: Thomas Coyle, David Duggan, Stephen A. Graziano, Sara Grethlein, Sheila M. Lemke, Bernard J. Poiesz, Jonathan Wright

Nephrology: *Paul A. Frymoyer, Steven J. Scheinman, Edward T. Schroeder

Neurological Surgery: Charles J. Hodge, Jr, Gerald R. Rodziewicz

Neurology: Deborah I. Friedman, Burk Jubelt

Neurology, Child: Carl J. Crosley

Nuclear Medicine: F. Deaver Thomas

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Richard H. Aubry, Shawky Badawy, *William Loftus, *Pierre Rizk, Valerie Shultz

Ophthalmology: *William V. Delaney, Jr, *Paul F. Torrisi

Orthopaedic Surgery: Stephen A. Albanese, David C. Ayers, Bruce E. Fredrickson, Christoph W. Geel, John F. Mosher, Jr., David G. Murray, Hanson Yuan

Otolaryngology: Robert Kellman, *Hayes H. Wanamaker

Pathology: Frederick Davey, Robert E. Hutchison

Pediatric Specialist: A. Stephen Dubansky, Ronald Dubowy, Rae-Ellen Webb Kavey, Leonard B. Weiner

Pediatrics (General): *Cynthia G. Battaglia, *Richard H. Bennett, *Jagadamba Chandrasekhar, Paul G. Fuller, *Margaret Hellems-Stanley, *Robert E. Long, Howard L. Weinberger

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Margaret A. Turk, Robert J. Weber

Plastic Surgery: Charles R. Bales, *Bruce B. Shafiroff

Radiology: *Alfred S. Berne, Stuart A. Groskin, E. Robert Heitzman, Stephen A. Kieffer, Patricia Ann Randall, Ernest M. Scalzetti

Rheumatology: Paul E. Phillips, *Patrick J. Riccardi

Surgery: John C. Aust, *John D. Fey, Patricia J. Numann

Surgical Oncology: John C. Aust, Seema A. Khan, Leslie J. Kohman, Patricia J. Numann

Thoracic Surgery: Berkley Brandt, III, Frederick B. Parker, Jr

Psychiatry: Allen Beeber, Robert W. Daly, Mantosh Dewan, *Joyce S. Garber, Robert J. Gregory, William J. Hardoby, Martin Irwin, Eugene Kaplan, David Keith, Marvin Koss, John Manring, *Stephen A. Merrill, *Louis J. Ripich

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: *Russell A. Acevedo, Edward D. Sivak

Radiation Oncology: Chung T. Chung, Robert H. Sagerman

Urology: *Donald R. Birnbaum, *Irving H. Goldman, Gabriel Haas, Zahi N. Makhuli, Umesh B. Patil.

For further information on “Best Doctors” and the services it provides to individuals, one may visit its website at or call 1-888-DOCTORS between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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