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October 25, 2013
Darryl Geddes 315 464-4828

New class of students ambassadors named

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Thirty Upstate Medical University students  now have a new title: Presidential Student Ambassador.

As student ambassadors, they will represent Upstate Medical University at a host of institutional events, including special campus and community activities, presidential receptions and other high-profile university gatherings.

“These students help broaden the understanding of Upstate’s mission and its role in the community,” said Upstate President David R. Smith, M.D.  “They are front and center in our outreach activities and a testament to the outstanding student talent that we are fortunate to have in Central New York.“

The student ambassador program was initiated in 2006 as way for the community to learn more about Upstate by interacting with students, as well as helping students to learn more about the greater Syracuse community.

Some of the events the student ambassadors have attended in the past include the Upstate Cancer Center ground-breaking celebration, March of Dimes Convocation and Upstate’s honorary degree recipients’ reception.

The new class of Student Ambassadors, listed by college, are:

College of Graduate Studies
Mansi Babbar (Class of 2016)
Megan Peppenell (Class of 2016)
Olesea Cojohari (Class of 2016)

College of Health Professions
Catherine Zopf (Respiratory Therapy, Class of 2015)
Edisa Andelija (Physician Assistant, Class of 2015
Michael Otte (Physician Assistant, Class of 2015)
Fatimatou Bah (Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Class of 2015
Lauren Peterson (Radiation Therapy, Class of 2015)

College of Medicine
MPH Program
Roberto Antonio Martinez (Class of 2015)
Sheila Singleton-Best (Class of 2018)
Matthew Joseph Cortese. (Class of 2016)
Gabe Plourde (Class of 2017)

MS I (Class of 2017)
Jane Akhuetie
Ian Brendon Bailey
Michael Enechukwu
Ramzi El Hassan
Cindy Denise Ojevwe
Kareem Nicholas Royes
Makandiwana Shoniwa
Ross Weller

MS II (Class of 2016)
Melissa Gadsden
Matthew Helm
Jennalee Trombley
Catherine M. White

College of Nursing
Joanne Speicher (Class of 2014)
Karen Vitkus (Class of 2014)
Maggie Kathleen Brown (Class of 2014)
Melissa Pearsall (Class of 2014)
Kaitlin Corona (Class of 2015)
Veronica Bailey (Class of 2015)

Returning Ambassadors
Nicole Cifra
Jason Meany
Amy Bradt
Carlos Brown
Tiffany Bush
Stefanos Haddad
Caroline Berrios

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