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April 11, 1999
Darryl Geddes 315 464-4828

University Hospital partners with Kaufmann’s Department Store and OASIS Institute

University Hospital of the State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse and Kaufmann’s, a division of the May Department Stores Company, have been named as sponsors and affiliates of the national adult education organization, the OASIS Institute. The announcement was made by Gregory L. Eastwood, M.D., president of the Health Science Center, and Clarence O. Reynolds, Kaufmann’s chairman.

Among the 26 OASIS cities across the country, Syracuse and Rochester are the only two located in New York state. As in other places, University Hospital’s OASIS program will offer courses geared to adults, aged 55 and older. University Hospital will begin offering courses this summer in the new OASIS Center to be located in Kaufmann’s in Shoppingtown Mall in DeWitt.

“We are delighted to join Kaufmann’s in presenting Central New Yorkers with this exciting new initiative,” said Dr. Eastwood. “OASIS has a reputation for offering quality learning experiences in wellness, arts and humanities.”

“We are proud that May Department Stores Company, our parent organization, is the major national supporter of this vital program,” said Reynolds. “We are happy to join forces with University Hospital, known for its quality health educational programs.”

University Hospital’s OASIS Center will be located on the lower level of Kaufmann’s and will feature a classroom, reception area and offices. The space and its construction are being donated by Kaufmann’s and the May Department Stores Company. In addition to classes in health, art, music, exercise, dance, history, culinary arts and science, the OASIS Center will provide traveling and volunteer opportunities.

Lauren Feiglin, who directed OASIS Centers in Cleveland, Ohio, will direct University Hospital’s OASIS Center. With the OASIS partnership a reality, Feiglin said, “the Institute affiliation enables University Hospital to provide adults with a more extensive array of courses, since now have access to national OASIS programs.” Feiglin estimates that membership in University Hospital’s OASIS program will grow to 12,000 in its first few years of operation.

Working with Feiglin is University Hospital’s OASIS Advisory Council, comprised of leaders and executives from area businesses and organizations. Council chair is Roslyn Bilford, former director of the Metropolitan Commission on Aging and chair of the Governor’s Council on Home Care Services. Eleanor Ludwig, former director of Syracuse University Alumni Relations, serves as vice chair. Mary Kate Shane, who chairs the Council’s Educational Subcommittee, is spearheading catalogue development to include up to 300 OASIS courses to be offered over 12 months.

For further information on University Hospital’s OASIS program, contact Feiglin at 315-464-4827.

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