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August 21, 2012
Doretta Royer 315 464-4833

Upstate’s New York State Fair exhibit to feature experts and free health screenings

There are dozens of new and exciting healthcare initiatives going on at Upstate Medical University and New York State fairgoers who visit the Upstate exhibit can learn about them, as well as the status of their own health by participating in free screenings and other interactive opportunities. Upstate’s exhibit will be located in the Science and Industry Building, and open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 23 through Labor Day, Monday Sept. 3.

“We want to engage our visitors through conversation with our experts and by inviting them to participate in free healthcare screenings,” says Darcy DiBiase of Upstate’s Marketing and University Communications Department who coordinated this year’s fair exhibit. “Of course, we’ll have handouts regarding healthcare services and resources, plenty of free giveaways, and we’re very excited about introducing the public to Upstate’s new App that features even more ways to interact with Upstate on the go.”

DiBiase adds that Upstate’s exhibit will spotlight more than 25 of its newest healthcare services for people at all stages of life. “We’re offering a full menu of options that will help people to deal with healthcare issues, whether they be related to cancer, sports concussions, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, smoking cessation, or, for those who lack health insurance, on how to pay their medical bills,” she said.

Below is a daily listing of departments, programs featured at Upstate’s fair exhibit:

Thursday, Aug. 23

•Upstate Orthopedics. Learn about the after-hours walk-in program, OrthoNow!, and offerings at Upstate University Hospital’s Downtown and Community campuses.

• Bariatrics. BMI calculation and treatment options. Information on the new Bariatric Surgery Center, now on Upstate’s Community campus.

• University Pathology Laboratory. Informational items regarding Upstate Pathology Laboratory services.

Friday, Aug. 24

• Upstate New York Poison Center. A display of look-alike poisons; information on common and toxic household items and poison prevention.

•CNY Occupational Health Clinical Center. Prevention of workplace injuries and environmental illness and the state’s Occupational Health Clinical Network will be highlighted.

• Financial Resource Center. Information on options for individuals and families who lack health insurance.

Saturday, Aug. 25

•Upstate Orthopedics. See Aug. 23 listing.

• Margaret L. Williams Developmental Evaluation Center. Signs and symptoms of Autism and Aspergers. Kidspeak puppet workshop, educational information, giveaways.

•New York State Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program.

Sunday, Aug. 26

• Hyperbaric/Wound Care Center. Educational information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and advanced wound healing modalities.

Monday, Aug. 27

• Upstate Cancer Center. Information on cancer prevention, early detection and treatment strategies. Update on the Upstate Cancer Center construction.

• Smoking Cessation. Tips and tricks to help kick the smoking habit.

• Vision Center. Ophthalmology staff will offer visual acuity and glaucoma testing from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• Geriatrics. Information on outpatient services at University Geriatricians/ Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center of CNY, and on Alzheimer’s disease.

Tuesday, Aug. 28

• Upstate Heart and Vascular Center. Blood pressure checks.

• Geriatrics. See Aug. 27 listing.

Wednesday, Aug. 29

• Strong Women Strong Hearts. Blood pressure checks and learn about this year’s annual women’s day of education and fun!

• Midwifery. As one of the newest programs to launch on our Community campus, stop by to learn more.

• Obstetrics/Gynecology. The nurses from Upstate’s Community campus will be available to discuss the clinical services and amenities at the Jim and Dede Walsh Family Birth Center.

Thursday, Aug. 30

• Stroke Program. Information regarding stroke signs and symptoms and treatment and management. Interactive day recognizing Gold Plus award and Gold Plus Standards in Stroke Care.

• Health Sciences Library and the Family Resource Center. Learn how Upstate Medical University helps the community find reliable information about drugs, therapies, treatments and more.

• Department of Radiology. Information on the unique services and specialties of Upstate Radiology.

• Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Information on acute care and rehabilitation for in-hospital stay and progression to rehabilitation unit; equipment descriptions and use.

Friday, Aug. 31

• Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. Information on the “Listen, Evaluate, Anticipate, Plan and Proceed” (LEAPP) program to minimize patient pain and distress and maximize efficiency and safety.

• SAFEKIDS Upstate NY. This grass roots coalition advocates and educates to prevent unintentional injuries of children 14 and under.

• Golisano After Hours Care. Located at the Community campus, it’s designed especially for children from birth through age 21, to help your child start feeling better…faster.

• Margaret L. Williams Developmental Evaluation Center. See Aug. 25 listing.

Saturday, Sept. 1

• Check out Upstate’s App as well as Upstate’s Find a Doc service.

• CNY Sports Concussion Center at Upstate University Hospital. Educational materials on the prevention and recognition of sports-related concussion as well as post-injury evaluation and management.

Sunday, Sept. 2

• Financial Resource Center. Information on options for individuals and families who lack health insurance.

Monday, Sept. 3

• Hand washing. Educational materials regarding proper handwashing techniques; giveaways.

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