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November 17, 2011
Kathleen Paice 315 464-4839

Retired Professional Firefighters Cancer Fund donates $15,000 to the Upstate Cancer Center

The Retired Professional Firefighters Cancer Fund donated $15,000 to the Upstate Cancer Center. Firefighters have a higher incidence of some cancers than the general population. The donation will be designated to the Michael E. Connolly Endowment for Lung Cancer Research, the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund and the Upstate Cancer Research Institute Fund. Pictured are Binghamton firefighter Pat Eggleston, City of Syracuse fire chief Mark McLees, Upstate Cancer Center administrator Dick Kilburg, Retired Professional Firefighters Cancer Fund chairman Bill Newland, Fund board member Tricia Newland, Syracuse Firefighters Union president Jim Ennis, and Binghamton firefighter John Janos.

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