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April 28, 1998
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Joslin Center for Diabetes Receives $80,000 Grant From the State

The Joslin Center for Diabetes of the SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse has been designated a Regional Diabetes Center of Excellence and awarded an $80,000 grant from the State of New York York. The Joslin Center was selected to coordinate efforts to identify New Yorkers most at risk for the disease and improve their access to care and quality of care.

The Joslin Center for Diabetes was chosen because of its comprehensive state of the art diabetes clinical care and related research and education programs as part of an academic medical center. The Center joins two other diabetes centers receiving $80,000 each over five years from the New York State Department of Health (DOH). Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City were also designated. The grants will support programs, part of a concentrated state-wide effort to increase access to diagnostic testing and provide a full-array of integrated diabetes care for the poor, underserved, and uninsured.

“As their name suggests, the Centers are dedicated to achieving excellence in diagnosing and treating diabetes, a disease that strikes more than 1 in 12 of our citizens. We’ll put our best scientific experts to work finding ways to reduce the incidence of diabetes and its most serious, long-term health effects,” Governor Pataki said.

Asymptomatic hyperglycemia is very common in the United States and is a significant and costly public health problem. Diabetes and its complications, including blindness, cardiovascular diseases, and lower extremity amputations, are more common among certain ethnic minorities, the elderly, and the poor.

The Joslin Center for Diabetes, which opened at the SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse in 1995, is one of 11 comprehensive centers of its kind in the US offering care all under one roof for adolescents and adults who have diabetes.

“The Joslin Center is an innovative leader in education and outreach, research, and comprehensive diabetes care for all Central New Yorkers. With the support of this new grant, the Center can expand its efforts to target access to care for the most at risk,” comments Dr. Ruth Weinstock, Director of the Joslin Center for Diabetes.

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