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February 12, 2001
Darryl Geddes 315 464-4828

University Hospital registered nurse salary enhancement program approved by SUNY Board of Trustees

University Hospital will implement a competitive new nursing salary plan that will recognize experienced nurses and offer a generous pay increase for working evenings, nights and weekends effective March 1. The salary enhancement plan was developed by University Hospital and approved by the SUNY trustees Jan. 23.

The plan, which totals more than $2 million, is expected to enable University Hospital to fill many of its open nursing positions that would allow the hospital to open currently unstaffed beds, resulting in increased revenue.

The nursing salary enhancement plan is a direct response to the nationwide nursing shortage, hospital administrators say. “This salary plan enables University Hospital to offer more competitive salaries to incoming nurses and gives us more flexibility in recognizing experienced nurses for their valuable service and the vital role nurses play at University Hospital,” said University Hospital Chief Operating Officer Ann Sedore, R.N, Ph.D.

Key components of the plan include:

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