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December 16, 1999
Darryl Geddes 315 464-4828

University Hospital’s Health Connections is clearinghouse for Y2K health-related information

Health Connections, a free 24-hour confidential consumer health information, advice and referral service operated by University Hospital, is now answering questions regarding Y2K-health related issues.

“We have a great deal of resources and hot-line information to give callers with questions on just about any health concern related to Y2K,” said Sondra Mott, a registered nurse with Health Connections.

Mott said some people are concerned about whether their home medical devices– whether it be oxygen, insulin pumps or pacemakers–will continue to work when the calendar changes to 2000. “Most manufacturers have been in contact with consumers about which devices are Y2K compliant,” she said. “But if there are still some concerned consumers they should call us and we’ll make sure they get the correct information.”

Another area of concern is prescription drugs, Mott said. “The FDA recommends that consumers refill medications prior to the first of the year to be sure they have at least a five to seven day supply,” Mott said. “Health Connections may help answer any questions on how long refrigerated medications are safe should there be any power outages.”

Health Connections is also compiling a list of pharmacies and other health-related agencies that will be open New Year’s Eve and Day to assist in emergency situations.

To contact a Health Connections nurse, call 1-800-464-8668.

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